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    Post: GAO Updates Website of Mold Research

    Posted by Sharon on 3/21/11

    FYI, the Federal GAO recently updated their web site to
    show the survey they took of ongoing research at the time
    of initial audit. So...this is not really new info, just
    newly available info and a good source reference of various
    mold issue research that has been completed in the past few
    years or is still ongoing. It is easy to find on
    Shoemaker's website.

    Surviving Mold Bella Online Review of Surviving Mold!
    There appears to be a push going on to wisely implement the
    use of federal resources by encouraging more federal
    interagency coordination. You can watch a video of Pat
    Dalton, Chief Executive Officer GAO, discussing this on
    CSpan's Washington Journal.

    Washington Journal for Monday, March 7 | C-SPAN


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