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    Post: U.S.A.F Member sick from CS Gas, gene Mutation &

    Posted by Joe on 4/06/11

    I was exposed to supposedly CS gas at a training facility in
    Texas. We were locked in the chamber and forced to breath
    the toxic fumes for probably about 2 minutes or so, not
    being allowed to leave without stating rank and S.S. and
    unit. The morning after exposure I was to fly out. On the
    way to pick up my orders I was trying to walk straight and
    kept going to the left my eyes were like they were crossed
    and vision was blurred. I was sick for almost 8 months.
    finally wearing P.T. as my uniform and being led outside the
    barracks once or twice a week to get some sun. I went to
    the base hospital daily and was given cups of water and told
    that their was nothing wrong with me. A colonel after about
    5 months of this or so saw me being led outside by a
    roommate and chewed out some captain in the E.R. After
    probably 20 or more visits they gave me an I.V. and stated i
    had other problems. "which I still don't understand". On
    the 8 month of being like this on a medical hold, "thinking
    I would be like this for ever and a lot of praying" I
    finally felt a tiny fraction better and continued to get
    better until I was once again myself. I continued on with
    my schooling and after a year and a half was medically
    discharged. I just turned 30 and was just diagnosed with a
    gene mutation, compliment ch50, High lactic acid, had double
    pulmonary embolisms and a large clot in my inferior vena
    cava along with a list of other ailments. I am on 6
    medications now and just had a filter put in by my heart. I
    go to the VA and they tell me I am not a vet. So I have a
    600K bill at the local hospital and go to the doctors daily.
    They are telling me because I was National Guard that I had
    to file a workmans comp. from the state I was in and
    deployed. However they are saying that the statutes of
    limitation are up. I am very sick and can barely do
    anything for myself any more.

    I am wondering if anyone else has had effects from "CS" gas
    or whatever it was. Also looking for an attorney to try and
    help..... Please any info or other people with simular
    effects let me know

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