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    Post: Start Medical Transcription at Home

    Posted by kiw.0098 on 7/03/11

    In medical transcription, you can earn salary as much you
    would like to with no upper limits. You can decid how much
    you want earn based upon your effort, hardework and
    dedication. Home Transcription Salary depends upon your
    performance like productivity (how many lines your
    transcribe) and quality of your work (accuracy of your
    files). This salary is calculated at a rate of 1.20 Rs/line
    with minimum 95% accuracy. One line = 65 characters.
    Accuracy is calculated keeping in mind of total lines,
    number of error points, etc. The above chart is just an
    indicative of sample medical transcription salary for top
    companies. You can earn at more rate if you provide direct
    upload quality (i.e., 99% accuracy)(kiw.0098)

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