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    Re: Improved Quality of the Toxlaw Board

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 7/25/11


    For what purpose do you take things into a personal realm? This
    is a professional board where relevant issues are discussed.
    When you post snide comments like that, you cause response
    comments such as this: "Judging from your post, I would say the
    overall emotional IQ, i.e., intelligence, just got cut in half."

    Let's stick to the issues if we can. Today's hot topic as far
    as toxic torts are the courts themselves:

    On 7/23/11, Anonymous wrote:
    > On 7/21/11, Caoimhín P.Connell wrote:
    >> Judging by the last 15 posts made between 5/28/11 and
    >> 7/3/11 the overall intelligence of the posters to this
    >> site has certainly doubled.
    > Anonymous is watching.

    California Judicial System Implodes Under Weight Of Inept Management

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