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    Re: Sharon Kramer

    Posted by Deborah on 11/12/11

    I've seen Mrs. Kramer's evidence and it is far more than compelling.
    Apparently it was rejected because anyone with half a brain who read
    the transcripts and viewed the video could understand that the person
    Mrs. Kramer indicated had "altered his under oath testimony" did, in
    fact, do just that.

    On 9/30/11, Courthouse Gang wrote:
    > No, Mrs. Kramer, it is YOU who provided no supporting evidence.
    > The suit record, the judgment of the trial court, and the
    > decisions of the courts of appeal are our supporting evidence that
    > you lost fair and square.
    > Therefore, your current remarks and statements about the judicial
    > system are just your bitter, one-sided version of your cause du
    > jour.
    > On 9/29/11, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    >> Always amazing how commenters make statements, while providing
    > no
    >> supporting evidence...and while hiding behind pseudonyms.
    >> Want to see a video of Bruce Kelman committing perjury to
    >> establish needed reason for malice? The good justices of the
    >> Fourth, Division One have this....and they KNOW I am not
    > shutting
    >> up about what they have done.
    >> perjuryattempted-coercion-into-silence-by-bruce-kelman-2073775
    >> On 9/29/11, The Courthouse Gang wrote:
    >>> Sharon Kramer lost fair and square. Her opinions about the
    >>> judges and the court system are unsupported in fact and law.
    >>> Move on.
    >>> On 9/28/11, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    >>>> Someone who goes by "JZ" does not have the grace to use
    >>> their
    >>>> real name or provide corroboration for the Nettrollish (is
    >>>> that a word?) behavior.
    >>>> NEW on KATY's EXPOSURE
    >>>> "Pardon Our French, But S’entendant pour frauder le public
    >>>> est criminelle. Justices Judy McConnell, Dick Huffman, Ron
    >>>> George & Co. You’ve Been Caught RED HANDED Colluding With
    >>> The
    >>>> US Chamber of Commerce To Defraud The Public By Criminal
    >>>> Means…"
    >>>> On 9/27/11, JZ wrote:
    >>>>> is a Plaintiffs puppet

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