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    Re: Sharon Kramer

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 9/30/11

    That would be incorrect. While YOU make statements. I always
    provide evidence. Seems we have a little problem with Government Code
    6200 violations and judgments entered that were not possible to have
    occurred. And then there is that minor detail of the retired NIOSH
    guy who authored a paper for the US Chamber that cited false
    physician authorship. The courts were informed he was an undisclosed
    party. They ignored it - and then ignored his business partner
    committed perjury to establish malice. BTW, the case is still not

    On 9/30/11, Courthouse Gang wrote:
    > No, Mrs. Kramer, it is YOU who provided no supporting evidence.
    > The suit record, the judgment of the trial court, and the
    > decisions of the courts of appeal are our supporting evidence that
    > you lost fair and square.
    > Therefore, your current remarks and statements about the judicial
    > system are just your bitter, one-sided version of your cause du
    > jour.
    > On 9/29/11, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    >> Always amazing how commenters make statements, while providing
    > no
    >> supporting evidence...and while hiding behind pseudonyms.
    >> Want to see a video of Bruce Kelman committing perjury to
    >> establish needed reason for malice? The good justices of the
    >> Fourth, Division One have this....and they KNOW I am not
    > shutting
    >> up about what they have done.
    >> perjuryattempted-coercion-into-silence-by-bruce-kelman-2073775
    >> On 9/29/11, The Courthouse Gang wrote:
    >>> Sharon Kramer lost fair and square. Her opinions about the
    >>> judges and the court system are unsupported in fact and law.
    >>> Move on.
    >>> On 9/28/11, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    >>>> Someone who goes by "JZ" does not have the grace to use
    >>> their
    >>>> real name or provide corroboration for the Nettrollish (is
    >>>> that a word?) behavior.
    >>>> NEW on KATY's EXPOSURE
    >>>> "Pardon Our French, But S’entendant pour frauder le public
    >>>> est criminelle. Justices Judy McConnell, Dick Huffman, Ron
    >>>> George & Co. You’ve Been Caught RED HANDED Colluding With
    >>> The
    >>>> US Chamber of Commerce To Defraud The Public By Criminal
    >>>> Means…"
    >>>> On 9/27/11, JZ wrote:
    >>>>> is a Plaintiffs puppet

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