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    Re: Going 2 Jail 4 Evidencing Court Collusion w/VeriTox & Ch

    Posted by Deborah on 11/09/11

    The fraud perpetrated on the people by those ridiculous position
    papers, their authors, complicit organizations(private, governmental
    and quasi-governmental) and the creators of "moldy lemon and a waste
    basket" study has, in my opinion, had an equally disastrous impact
    upon our country, its people, their health and the economy.

    Sharon deserves to be lauded for her role in exposing this odious
    affair to the cleansing light.

    On 11/07/11, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    > "You deserve everything you get, Kramer."
    > Thank you, Courthouse Gang Member!
    > OSHA: Corporate Fraud Contributed To Nation's Economic Problems:
    > (have to put spaces to get by spam filter)
    > ogs
    > fraud-contributed.html
    > Texas Judge Won’t Be Charged With “Beating Into Submission” To
    > Stop Internet Use. Will California’s Leading Judiciaries Ever Be
    > Charged For Collectively Trying To Do The Same To Whistle Blowing
    > Bloggers?
    > to-stop-internet-use-will-californias-judicial-council-ever-be-
    > charged-for-trying-to-do-the-same-to-whistle-blowi/
    > On 11/07/11, The Courthouse Gang wrote:
    >> You deserve everything you get, Kramer.
    >> On 11/03/11, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    >>> On 11/03/11, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    >>>> Katy's Exposure Blog: "Texas judge abuses his child for Net
    >>>> usage. Cal Courts threaten Katy’s Bloggers with jail time
    >>>> for exposing by Net, many children abused by their actions"
    >>> Short link:

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