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    Re: Ca Judicial Council, Veritox, US Chamber Collude To Defr

    Posted by The Courthouse Gang on 11/15/11

    Maybe the court thinks you're "altered".

    On 11/15/11, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    > So now tell me again, WHY would the courts want me to stop
    > writing of the case Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer Case No.
    > GIN044539 North San Diego County Superior Court, which is a
    > matter of public record and with the sole cause of action being
    > the accusation that my five words, "altered his under oath
    > statements" were libelous, and deemed to be so by the courts?
    > Anyone else in the world could write the above sentence about a
    > case that is a matter of public record. But the courts would
    > to lock me up and throw away the key for it. Oh, and blog owners
    > can't write or put evidence/court docs on the net of what
    > actually occurred in the case either, or Kelman's and Hardin's
    > attorney will use the US Postal Service to mail them a threat,
    > interstate, of litigation.
    > Could it be because the courts suppressed the evidence that
    > Kelman committed perjury to establish needed reason for malice;
    > made it appear my writing in question made an accusation it did
    > not; concealed that ex-NIOSH product defender, Hardin, was an
    > undisclosed party to the litigation for six years; while aiding
    > the ACOEM BS over the mold issue on behalf of Chamber affiliates
    > to be able to be used to sell doubt of causation in the
    > courtrooms; while shifting workers comp insurers' responsibility
    > onto the tax payers, to this VERY DAY!
    > 3c5 ????
    > Could that be why the courts want to lock me up for the
    > word, "altered"?
    > On 11/14/11, Deborah wrote:
    >> That is an excellent idea.
    >> BTW, most prisons have internet access albeit limited. Her work
    >> will continue and no one is foolish enough now not to see the
    >> rhizoid-like progression of conflicts of interest across several
    >> professions concerning the indoor mold issue and the suppression
    >> of the hard science and facts.
    >> On 11/14/11, The Courthouse Gang wrote:
    >>> Demand a pre-incarceration physical and mental examination
    >>> and evaluation. Those cells (including the padded ones)
    >>> might have some of that mold in there, and you want to be
    >>> able to prove you were healthy when you went in.
    >>> Since you can't blog from the inside, it's expected you'll
    >>> be sending your accusations and complaints via the regular
    >>> postal service. Please include an updated, detailed listing
    >>> of all free people and inmates you believe are also part of
    >>> the conspiracy. Collect calls will not be accepted.
    >>> Remember, all calls are monitored.
    >>> On 11/13/11, Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer wrote:
    >>>> On September 11, 2011, I sent letters to the leaders of
    >>>> Ca's judicial system, the Judicial Council, which is
    >>> headed
    >>>> by the CA Supreme Court Chief Justice.
    >>>> Within the letters I provided a link to a website, Katy's
    >>>> Exposure, where they could read the legal documents from
    >>>> the public record of two cases: Kelman & GlobalTox v.
    >>>> Kramer Case No. GIN044539 North San Diego County Superior
    >>>> Court (filed 2005) & Kelman v. Kramer Case No 37-2010-
    >>>> 00061530 CU-DF-NC, North San Diego County Superior Court
    >>>> (2010)
    >>>> I evidenced that in the first case the courts framed me
    >>> for
    >>>> libel while suppressing the evidence that US Chamber/ACOEM
    >>>> mold policy author, Kelman, committed criminal perjury to
    >>>> establish needed reason for malice while strategically
    >>>> litigating in CA's courts for now over six years, over a
    >>>> matter of public health.
    >>>> And in the second case, the court issued a gag order that
    >>> I
    >>>> could not write of what occurred in the first case. The
    >>> gag
    >>>> order of May 2, 2011, is that I not republish the five
    >>>> words that were the sole cause of action of the
    >>>> case, "altered his under oath statements."
    >>>> If unable to republish the words that were the sole cause
    >>>> of action, I am also precluded from stating and evidencing
    >>>> what occurred in the case, how the courts framed me for
    >>>> libel to make my writing appear to state a false
    >>> accusation
    >>>> that it did not state, and what evidence was suppressed by
    >>>> every judge of criminal perjury to establish malice, when
    >>>> making their finding of libel with actual malice.
    >>>> On September 13, 2011, we placed the letters to the
    >>>> Judicial Council regarding the cases that are a matter of
    >>>> public record, on the net at Katy's Exposure:
    >>>> What I received in reply when seeking help to stop
    >>>> corruption in the courts was on October 12, 2011, Kelman
    >>>> and his attorney filed a Contempt of Court COMPLAINT.
    >>>> Attached as the Exhibit of why I need to be sent to jail
    >>> is
    >>>> the September 13th posting on Katy's of the letters sent
    >>> to
    >>>> the leaders of CA's judicial system, evidencing the courts
    >>>> framed me for libel & suppressed the evidence of Kelman's
    >>>> perjury to establish malice (among many other
    >>>> court "irregularities").
    >>>> Kelman's October 12th COMPLAINT: (link takes a few seconds
    >>>> to open)
    >>>> On October 21st, being fully evidenced of what occurred in
    >>>> the prior case and that the Exhibit attached to the
    >>>> COMPLAINT is evidence of the courts colluding to defraud
    >>> in
    >>>> the prior case; the judge set a date for a Contempt of
    >>>> Court hearing, Nov. 14, 2011. They were just going to wham
    >>>> bam thank you mam, send me to jail for writing of a case
    >>>> that is a matter of public record while stating the sole
    >>>> cause of action of the case and seeking help from the
    >>>> leaders of Ca's courts.
    >>>> It doesn't work that way. On November 10th, I had an
    >>>> ExParte hearing. Seems the courts forgot that you have to
    >>>> serve someone with an Order to Show Cause (OSC) in person,
    >>>> the accused has the right to face their accuser, and no
    >>>> delivered OSC, no court jurisdiction for Contempt. (took
    >>>> me 15 minutes in the law library to find that, the code
    >>> and
    >>>> case law. Wonder why a CA licensed attorney and a judge
    >>> did
    >>>> not know that?)
    >>>> ExParte App of Nov 10th. (lol, we all know I can't tpye
    >>>> wlel)
    >>>> Now we have a Contempt of Court hearing scheduled for Jan
    >>>> 6th. Pay no attention to the fact that the case is a
    >>> matter
    >>>> of public record of which anyone can write; and the
    >>>> evidence of why I need to be sent to jail are letters to
    >>>> the leaders of CA's judicial branch seeking help for
    >>>> corruption in the courts as evidenced by legal documents
    >>>> sent to them and via the Net.
    >>>> I may not be a lawyer, but I am pretty darn sure that it
    >>> is
    >>>> criminal for courts to frame someone for libel while
    >>>> suppressing evidence of a plaintiff's criminal perjury to
    >>>> establish needed reason for malice...and then threaten to
    >>>> incarcerate someone when they refuse to be silenced of
    >>> what
    >>>> occurred in a case that is a matter of public record. AND
    >>>> what the courts KNOWINGLY did to aid insurer fraud in the
    >>>> courtroom and in claims handling practices on behalf of
    >>> the
    >>>> affiliates of the US Chamber - not just in CA, nationwide.
    >>>> It should be noted that the owner of Katy's Exposure blog
    >>>> was mailed via the US Postal Service, interstate, a threat
    >>>> of litigation by Kelman's attorney in May 2011, if she
    >>>> continued to publish of a case that is a matter of public
    >>>> record including the words that were the sole cause of
    >>>> action. Neither she nor I have ever repeated the sole
    >>>> cause phrase without discussing it in the context of the
    >>>> public record case.
    >>>> May 2011 Threat to Katy's.
    >>>> So apparently, anyone else in the world except she and I
    >>>> could write, "In the case of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer,
    >>>> which is a matter of public record, Kelman and Globaltox
    >>>> sued Kramer for the words, 'altered his under oath
    >>>> statements".
    >>>> If I write it, even when evidencing criminal behavior in
    >>>> the courts to the Judicial Council of CA via legal
    >>>> documents from the public record case, I am going to jail.
    >>>> If she publishes the evidence of what occurred in the
    >>>> public record case, she will be sued for....something.
    >>>> Needless to say, I am not going to be silenced of the
    >>>> courts colluding with VeriTox to defraud the public on
    >>>> behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber. If I am going
    >>>> to jail for the word, "altered" when in reality it is for
    >>>> speaking and evidencing corruption in CA's judicial branch
    >>>> at its highest levels, people are going to know why I am
    >>>> there.
    >>>> Seems like the courts are trying to make me a Poster
    >>>> Child of the reason for the Occupy Wall Street movement.
    >>>> Let's not forget, my "libelous" writing of March 2005 was
    >>>> the first to publicly expose how ACOEM, VeriTox and the US
    >>>> Chamber were connected in mass marketing the false concept
    >>>> into public health, workers comp and to the courts that it
    >>>> had been scientifically proven, "Thus the notion that
    >>> toxic
    >>>> mold is an insidious secret killer, as so many media and
    >>>> trial lawyers would claim is Junk Science unsupported by
    >>>> (cough, cough) actual scientific study." The next time it
    >>>> was written of, was on the front page of the Wall Street
    >>>> Journal.
    >>>> Personally, I think they must have lost their minds at 455
    >>>> Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA. Aka home of the CA
    >>>> Judicial Council and the CA Commission on Judicial
    >>>> Performance, if they think they can sweep this one under
    >>>> the jailhouse rug.
    >>>> Its billions in the defrauding of the public, aided by
    >>>> leaders of the CA courts, by criminal means for now over
    >>>> six years.

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