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    Post: Owning mold controversy

    Posted by Deborah on 1/27/12

    It is amazing how much info is out there now on mold, mold
    illness and recovery as well as personal anecdotes about
    individuals' experience with it.

    Hard to believe that 12 yrs ago, information was hard to
    come by. I have to wonder when I skim some of these blogs
    if these people, most are well-to-do by anyone's reckoning,
    actually objectively read their own posts; i guess
    adjectives and descriptors are relatively subjective(i know,

    The recitations of medical interventions, misdiagnoses and
    treatments have become a badge of expertise, authority,
    something... and they make me increasingly grateful that I
    had limited access to medical care, no medical insurance and
    a healthy skepticism of the diagnosis process, of human
    nature and of personal biases AKA conflicts of interest
    along with a willingness to question authority.

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