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    Re: Update

    Posted by Court HOUSE FRIENDS on 6/29/12

    NOW its final Sharon is BARRED fowever by court Order from
    continueing her UNFOUNDED and UNBASED accusations / The Judge
    has RULED she is not only wrong but has severe Psych issues
    and has ordered her to pay for all her illegal activities.
    Hopefully from this her family will force her into a
    Psychiatric facility for longterm care after she serves her
    jail time for her latest criminal activities/ Enjoy your time
    at the California Public facilities where you have earned your
    latest vacation retreat sharon Rememer as they say they are
    Condos designed to last a lifetime with Bars in every Room and
    in some case have a great view of the pacific ocean ( if you
    happen to get a condo nead a water location such as in San
    Francisco However we understand your reservation has been
    arranged for a desert Location

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