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    Re: UPDATE/ Sharon Kramer Court File

    Posted by Sharon Noonan Kramer on 1/02/14

    Drunk California Court Employee,

    Cease with the cyber stalking and threats that your peers are currently coniving
    of how to silence me of their (and most likely your) roles in aiding expert
    witnesses for the US DOJ in mold litigation, to fleece the US public by criminal
    acts when plaintiffs in Cal SLAPP.

    Given the magnitude of the fraud and stature of those involved, you do scare me
    for my future physical safety - not just by the hand of your well connected co-
    workers under the color of law; but that you, personally, are going to go off the
    deep end to cause me physical harm for my refusal of silence of the falsified,
    material court documents, etc.

    Since the local DA will not investigate and prosecute you, I post this here as an
    insurance policy that if you do snap, people will know where to look first.

    As far as me being mentally ill, people can read the psychological evaluation of
    me by Dr. Lorna Swartz. I had this evaluation performed in January of 2012,
    directly because officers of the courts were making ovetures that they were going
    to attempt to have me deemed mentally incompetent for refusing silence of the mass
    public fleecing and their criminal roles in aiding it to continue.

    My mental evaluation: freepdfhosting . com / 3ed5229597 .pdf (take out the spaces)

    Additionally, my family is doing well, all things considered after nine years of
    my being malicously harassed by government contractors and the courts. They have
    never doubted that I am telling the truth of the scientific fraud, the corruption
    in the Cal courts, and the wrath of retaliation I continue to experience for
    exposing the collusion to defraud -- while so many who know sit back in silence
    and as the fraud plays on to harm thousands.

    I assure you that I am quite competent, including enough to know to be
    legitimately concerned for my physical safety from the hands of employees of the
    California courts and ancillary agencies. This is particularly true when obviously
    enraged drunk ones post physical threats such as below. Why would someone get
    drunk and post this? Probably fear jail time in their future should investigation
    take place.

    I know there is no point in asking you to stop the cyber stalking, but hopefully
    this response post will make you think twice about people seeing the criminality
    of what you are doing before you go any further. You are a very scary, unknown
    person to me. If that makes you feel like a big man, so be it. But stay away from
    me and my family.

    On 12/27/13, Court Group wrote:
    > Its Is Very Apparent Ms Kramer is Mentally Ill she constantly tries to tie
    > anything she can to her Idea she has a Solution to An Issue When in REALITY its
    > very apparent she is delusional and severely Mentally Ill. Her delusional
    > Statements that peoples illnesses are related to statements show How Mentally
    > Unstable she is, that she thinks she solely can solve An issue Well her ongoing
    > Mental Health Care needs Upgrading to Permanent Inpatient Locked down Environs
    > that the public will no longer be subjected to her written and spoken delusions,
    > Her alleged court issues will come to an end as the court will order her to a
    > locked facility where we the public will then NO LONGER have to put up with her
    > diatribes and delusions. Then The Public will no longer be disturbed because
    > Know she will then be permently Locked away And her family has also said they
    > be very Grateful that the courts have finally taken her and ensured they too
    > NOT have to endure her mental health diatribes that instead she will only talk
    > her own 4 walls with the assurance she will not have public contact in the
    > Isn't That Indeed the Best Gift the Calif Courts can give The public IE ridding
    > the public of Kramer and her Psychiatric issues. Our Tax Dollars are spent well
    > doing This; After all She is a very deranged person who needs Confinment with No
    > public Contact Ever again

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