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    Re: UPDATE/ Bruce Kelman v. Sharon Kramer

    Posted by Show us the cuffs on 11/12/12

    We really want the perp walk photos. Show us the cuffs!

    On 9/30/12, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    > Courthouse gang member masquerading as "The Truth", as you know a half
    > truth is the same as a lie. Katy's Exposure: KELMAN & GLOBALTOX v. KRAMER
    > ~ One Big Government Fueled HATE CRIME against U.S. environmentally
    > disabled & dying
    > ”There is nothing frivolous about California judiciaries working in
    > concert to suppress direct evidence of perjury and suborning of perjury
    > while knowing their actions are abetting massive hate crimes against the
    > environmentally disabled and dying in a scheme for insurers to shift their
    > financial responsibility for the illnesses onto taxpayers; and with court
    > clerks falsifying legal documents to conceal the judiciaries’ roles in
    > aiding it to continue — as all legal system policing agencies turn a blind
    > eye to the mass corruption of the California courts in deliberate
    > indifference. As a United States citizen I have a right and a duty to say
    > this and to provide the public with the irrefutable evidence that it is
    > true. Yet, I was jailed and harmed in March of 2012 for exposing this
    > corruption in California courts aiding the insurer fraud and ha--te crimes
    > of epic proportion. I have now been court ordered to publish on the
    > internet that this is not true, to pay the courts for exposing their fraud
    > and to never write of the matter again or face more incarceration. It is
    > all true and I can prove it — and no intimidation tactic will ever coerce
    > me into silence. Too many lives and the Constitution are at stake.”
    > Sharon Noonan Kramer
    > Katy's:
    > On 9/27/12, The Truth wrote:
    >> 07/02/2012 Judgment was entered as follows: Judgment entered for Kelman,
    >> Bruce J and against Kramer, Sharon for $ 1.00, punitive damages: $ 0.00,
    >> attorney fees: $ 8400.00, interest: $ 0.00, prejudgment costs: $ 0.00,
    >> other costs: $ 0.00, amount payable to court: $ .00, for a grand total
    >> of $ 8401.00.
    >> On 9/27/12, The Truth wrote:
    >>> TENTATIVE RULINGS - August 30, 2012
    >>> 08/31/2012 01:30:00 PM N-30
    >>> JUDICIAL OFFICER:Thomas P. Nugent
    >>> CASE NO.:37-2010-00061530-CU-DF-NC
    >>> EVENT TYPE:
    >>> CASE TITLE: KELMAN (Plaintiff) VS. KRAMER (Defendant)
    >>> Civil - Unlimited
    >>> Motion Hearing (Civil)
    >>> Defendant's motion to vacate judgment is denied.

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