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    Re: UPDATE/ Sharon Kramer Court File

    Posted by Court Group on 12/27/13

    Its Is Very Apparent Ms Kramer is Mentally Ill she constantly tries to tie
    anything she can to her Idea she has a Solution to An Issue When in REALITY its
    very apparent she is delusional and severely Mentally Ill. Her delusional
    Statements that peoples illnesses are related to statements show How Mentally
    Unstable she is, that she thinks she solely can solve An issue Well her ongoing
    Mental Health Care needs Upgrading to Permanent Inpatient Locked down Environs so
    that the public will no longer be subjected to her written and spoken delusions,
    Her alleged court issues will come to an end as the court will order her to a
    locked facility where we the public will then NO LONGER have to put up with her
    diatribes and delusions. Then The Public will no longer be disturbed because they
    Know she will then be permently Locked away And her family has also said they will
    be very Grateful that the courts have finally taken her and ensured they too will
    NOT have to endure her mental health diatribes that instead she will only talk to
    her own 4 walls with the assurance she will not have public contact in the future
    Isn't That Indeed the Best Gift the Calif Courts can give The public IE ridding
    the public of Kramer and her Psychiatric issues. Our Tax Dollars are spent well in
    doing This; After all She is a very deranged person who needs Confinment with No
    public Contact Ever again

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