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    Re: UPDATE/ Sharon Kramer Court File

    Posted by Deborah on 6/25/17

    How lame.

    >>> OUR Response to you is FYI Its Not stalking it's your Paranoia and Mental illness
    >>> that are your real issues, After all The Facts are Apparent You don't have a Case
    >> and
    >>> Your Mental Illness is the issue; So Don't waste The taxpayers money or our Court
    >>> House time; Instead you should seek mental health care for your Delusions That you
    >>> have the answers to all the Medical Issues and their Costs. You DON'T have answers
    >> or
    >>> Even Grounds, instead you should spend your time seeking Inpatient Help for your
    >>> Mental Impairments and Delusions. After All The Courts Have spoken you have NO
    >> Case.
    >>> Sincerely, Court House Friends and Taxpayers

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