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    Re: UPDATE/ Sharon Kramer Court File

    Posted by Court House Records Dept on 7/22/13

    On 11/12/12, Show us the cuffs wrote:
    > We really want the perp walk photos. Show us the cuffs!
    This is a Memo excerpt sent to those who have a working Knowledge of the Kramer
    Courts Mental Health Status Case now Pending before the courts So NICE to Know
    MS Kramer is still Showing The world. Her Mental Illness as that way the Public
    Really then can see Publically JUST HOW Serious her Mental Status is and How in
    Reality she needs to be confined to ensure she gets treatment since her Mental
    status is Clearly a danger to herself and her family We are very sure the courts
    have noted this in their review of her being a danger to herself and her family.
    We also note that her condition only degrades with time according to her Dr's
    reports which have neen filed with the court to ensure they are fully appraised
    of her declining mental status.
    It should also be Noted Ms Kramer is a person who needs Long term inpatient care
    in a secure facility to ensure that she is confined and gets the long term
    treatment recommended by not only her Dr's , her attys as wells as that outlined
    by her family members including her DAughters written documents To the courts.
    Well This is very Nice to know That the courts are releasing Ms Kramers Full
    Psychiatric History in addition to her Care plans as outlined by her Dr's Attys
    And family it nice to know that the public will be protected from Psychos like
    Sharon Kramer

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