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    Post: expose to mold on the Job

    Posted by Connie on 3/09/14

    I am working around black mold and I know that I have been
    expose to it. My Job does not offer insurance nor can I
    find any insurance based on the money that I make there. my
    hair has falling out, I have skin rash, which makes my skin
    burn, blotches are appearing all over my body,I feel as if
    something is crawling all over my body, my eyes feel they
    are inflamed, they itch which my eyes lids burn as well
    when I touch them, my vision is a blur and not only am I
    expose to this but other employers as well but theirs are
    not as worse as mine, I've been there for 2yrs. I've gone
    to doctors but all they did was brush me off and not hear
    me when I try to explain what is going on with me. I can't
    sleep, I haven't slept in days because of the scratching.
    there are black mold all over the rooms, the building is
    leaking bad, we have to put buckets out to catch the water
    from dripping from the roof, the water is black the comes
    from the roof. Please tell us what to do

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