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    Post: Mole

    Posted by Carlos Andrews on 4/12/16

    Regaining in January 2016 we had terrible rains day after
    day for close to two weeks. We had high winds that caused
    damage to our roof (by flying limbs) that also put two
    holes in our venal siding. We had a very bad leak between
    our home and a wooden canopy attach to our house. The
    Adjusters with Foremost Claim a exposed nail head caused
    the problem. My Son-In-Law, a Mechanical Engineer sent the
    Adjuster a well written letter to me for the Adjuster
    explaining how ridiculous his conclusion was. The Adjuster
    then claimed the settlement of the house caused the damage.
    I took a 4 foot level and checked all the rooms (3
    bedrooms, Kitchen, two Bathrooms and dinning rooms and they
    were all level. Then they claimed the Canopy attached to
    out home stating it had to be a certain degree. I checked
    with the Federal Housing Authority and tha had nothing, I
    checked the State of Ms and they leave it up to the
    Counties. I stopped by Planning an Development today and
    they have no such code. All Foremost is doing is NOT

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