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    Post: Mold Prevention

    Posted by Concerned Builder on 7/12/05

    I have been actively looking at the mold prevention
    products as a means to protect the homes I build from mold
    and protect my business from getting involved in a
    lawsuit. I have searched the web and heard all the
    concepts and sales pitches made by many companies. All
    the stories seem to conflict with each other. I contacted
    the EPA and the State of Florida and asked for some
    clarification. I am not hear to cast my vote on which
    product I think is better, nor which product that I have
    decided to use. The reason anyone would choose one
    product over the other is a personal choice based on the
    facts that they uncover for themselves.

    I would strongly urge everyone to check the facts for them
    self. Call your own State and ask the questions
    yourself. Call the EPA and see what they think of any
    product that is being applied to a home. Unlike many
    comments that I have read on this chat board, the EPA and
    the State are very concerned with what is going on and
    have very specific rules pertaining to these issues.

    Last week I contacted Charlie Clark, at the Florida
    Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, 850-487-
    2130 concerning several products offered in the
    Marketplace (and talked about on this chatboard). I
    forwarded his staff all of the web sites to verify that
    the claims being made were real and legitimate. I was
    told that his department was actively investigating most
    of the companies that everyone on this chatboard are
    talking about. He further informed me that there are
    several companies selling products in the marketplace
    making illegal claims in the State of Florida.

    I am only sharing with you what I was told, please verify
    for yourself.

    1. any and all companies selling products intended to
    prevent the growth of mold and fungi must be registered
    with the State of Florida. (Only two companies were
    2. any and all companies selling products intended to
    prevent the growth of mold and fungi must be registered
    with the EPA (again only two companies were)
    3. EPA registration does not mean the product is
    dangerous, it means that the product has validated it's
    claims and complies with EPA regulations.
    4. Products that contain EPA registered ingredients are
    not the same as products that are EPA Registered. I asked
    for clarification and I was told the following. Products
    that contain EPA registered ingredients can be dangerous
    since no one is verifying the chemical reactions between
    the EPA Registered ingredients and the other ingredients.
    Some products that are completely safe become dangerous
    when mixed with other products and can have long term
    issues that are not accounted for. Another concerns is
    the effectivence of these ingredients once they are mixed
    with other ingredients. I heard the following anology:
    ask a bartender for a coke,if he puts one drop of coke in
    your glass and then fills the rest of the glass with
    water, DO YOU STILL HSVE A COKE? That is the same thing
    as asking for an EPA Registerd product and then getting a
    product that has one ingredient that is EPA registered.
    5. The State is under Staffed and over worked, so checking
    these companies out takes time.
    6. The mold prevention industry is not regulated and needs
    to be.

    I guess I will believe the State over any sales person
    trying to sell me his version of the magic solution to
    this problem. In the end, I chose a company that had the
    ethics and morale standards follow State laws and take the
    required steps to do the right thing.

    I can not put my company, my future and my customers in
    jeopardy by putting in possible dangerous product on their
    home. I am trying to fix a problem, not take on a whole
    new problem. What happens in 5 years, 10 years when they
    determine that some of these products are dangerous? Who
    is going to protect me and my customer then? I am
    counting on the EPA and the State of Florida!

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