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    Post: Mold prevention industry

    Posted by TM on 9/15/05

    Is there an association or governing body or non-profit
    that helps set standards and protocols for the prevention
    industry? I think this would be a great tool and would
    helpo stop all the hear-say in this industry. Let's call
    it the Mold Prevention Association or MPA. They can set
    standards for chemicals used, application protocols, and
    standards. They can require that all companies that want
    to be approved by the association must meet ASTM stndards
    so that we all could see how the product perform in
    unbiased testing. Everyone can make their product pass
    their own tests. lets make them take the same test at the
    same facility and publish the results. The product that
    works best will be easy to determine and will be validated
    by a third party. We can do the same thing with claims
    made, application procedures, testing standards, etc.

    I think this would reveal how the products really work and
    probably get rid of the fly-by-night companies.

    What does everyone think?
    Is there such a thing out there right know?

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