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    Posted by ff on 10/04/05

    Gosh, I thought it was a disinfectant, and if it kills mold why
    isn't an antimicrobial. I call it a sterilant, and there are ag
    chems incorp[oratin peroxide for soil application, essentially
    sterilizing the soil. Why pour it onto cuts/abrasions? Hey I
    love finding out when I'm wrong.


    On 10/04/05, DD wrote:
    > HP is not an antimicrobial. It kills mold, like you would
    > expect, and with a nice foaming reaction, but I do believe it
    > does in fact deactivate the antimicrobial which is why other
    > companies never mix the two.
    > On 10/04/05, ff wrote:
    >> Maybe it's because the HP is an antimicrobial/sterilant.
    >> Without looking into it, my guess is the product/mixture
    >> efficacy is enhnaced, synergized, and or the bio-activity is
    >> prolonged. Bill might suggest an anatogonistic effect, as you
    >> suggest.
    >> Just a guess.
    >> ff
    >> On 10/04/05, DD wrote:
    >>> We need a link to the label on MDF-500. It's not on the
    >>> website you gave and the product itself is not listed in the
    >>> EPA online database under the registration number and name
    >>> provided on the website.
    >>> Nothing unique about this product other then the fact they
    >>> are asking you to mix Hydrogen Peroxide with a quat that's
    >>> used in a toilet bowl cleaning product made by Proctor and
    >>> Gamble. Normally this would be a two stage application
    >>> rather then a two part mix.
    >>> Find out why they ask you to mix it instead of shipping it
    >>> mixed. I assume it's because the Hydrogen Peroxide
    >>> deactivates the antimicrobial.
    >>> On 9/29/05, YOUR OPINION NEEDED wrote:

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