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    Posted by Your opinion needed on 10/05/05

    So all in all what do you think about this product? Do you think it is
    legitimate? Any info would be great. Thanks for the input so far.
    The USEPA has accepted Modec's Label for its Modec Decon Formulation.
    Approved for antimicrobial disinfectant and fungicidal uses, Modec's
    Decon Formulation has been assigned EPA Registration No.'s 80364-1 and
    80364-2. When used as directed, MDF-500 exhibits effective disinfectant
    activity against the organisms: Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella
    choleraesuis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and meets the requirements for
    hospital use.

    10/04/05, v wrote:
    > I noticed, when use-ing a product to get rid of mold, the suddsier the
    > better. It disolves the mold. It's gone there after, till the following
    > day or two. No eradication, just good hygene. Do they wait in line? Ok
    > feller, that groups gone, lets take their spot. Too bad there not
    > visable, Id's use a shot gun.
    > On 10/04/05, DD wrote:
    >> Hydrogen peroxide is a >> href="" rel="nofollow">disinfectant
    >> On 10/04/05, ff wrote:
    >>> Gosh, I thought it was a disinfectant, and if it kills mold why
    >>> isn't an antimicrobial. I call it a sterilant, and there are ag
    >>> chems incorp[oratin peroxide for soil application, essentially
    >>> sterilizing the soil. Why pour it onto cuts/abrasions? Hey I
    >>> love finding out when I'm wrong.
    >>> ff
    >>> On 10/04/05, DD wrote:
    >>>> HP is not an antimicrobial. It kills mold, like you would
    >>>> expect, and with a nice foaming reaction, but I do believe it
    >>>> does in fact deactivate the antimicrobial which is why other
    >>>> companies never mix the two.
    >>>> On 10/04/05, ff wrote:
    >>>>> Maybe it's because the HP is an antimicrobial/sterilant.
    >>>>> Without looking into it, my guess is the product/mixture
    >>>>> efficacy is enhnaced, synergized, and or the bio-activity is
    >>>>> prolonged. Bill might suggest an anatogonistic effect, as you
    >>>>> suggest.
    >>>>> Just a guess.
    >>>>> ff
    >>>>> On 10/04/05, DD wrote:
    >>>>>> We need a link to the label on MDF-500. It's not on the
    >>>>>> website you gave and the product itself is not listed in the
    >>>>>> EPA online database under the registration number and name
    >>>>>> provided on the website.
    >>>>>> Nothing unique about this product other then the fact they
    >>>>>> are asking you to mix Hydrogen Peroxide with a quat that's
    >>>>>> used in a toilet bowl cleaning product made by Proctor and
    >>>>>> Gamble. Normally this would be a two stage application
    >>>>>> rather then a two part mix.
    >>>>>> Find out why they ask you to mix it instead of shipping it
    >>>>>> mixed. I assume it's because the Hydrogen Peroxide
    >>>>>> deactivates the antimicrobial.
    >>>>>> On 9/29/05, YOUR OPINION NEEDED wrote:

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