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    Posted by TM on 10/19/05

    Anthrax is not a mold, it is a bacteria.

    Anthrax is an infectious disease caused by spores of the bacterium, Bacillus
    anthracis. The B. anthracis spores are highly resistant to inactivation and may be
    present in the soil, for example, for decades, occasionally infecting grazing
    animals that ingest the spores. Goats, sheep and cattle are examples of animals that
    may become infected. Human infection may occur by three routes of exposure to
    anthrax spores: cutaneous (through the skin), gastrointestinal (by ingestion), and
    pulmonary (inhalation). In North America, human cases of anthrax are infrequent.
    However, the United States military views anthrax as a potential biological
    terrorism threat because the spores are so resistant to destruction and can be
    easily spread by release in the air. The development of anthrax as a biological
    weapon by several foreign countries has been documented.

    The MDF-500 product is not an antimicrobial and is not EPA registered as an
    antimicrobial. IT does not prevent the growth of microbes. The product was
    designed to destroy the spores that can lay dormant for years. THe manufacture does
    not make any claims that it prevents or that it is an antimicrobial. The
    distributors of the product make many claims that go well beyond what the product
    can actually do. Please call the manufacturer of the product and not the
    distributor or salesman and ask them directly. THe answers are far different than
    what their distributors salesman are selling.

    The product does a great job for what it was intended for, but not for mold

    See the attached page to directly form the manufacturer. It specifically says the
    product is registered as a antibacterial disinfectant.

    On 10/19/05, CR wrote:
    > MDF - 500 was developed by the US governments Sandia Labs for use to
    > decontaminate Anthrax contaminated buildings. Anthrax is a mold. MDF - 500 breaks
    > into the spores "shell" and breaks everything down to water & oxygen, all the
    > allergens and mycotoxins. All gross contamination is supposed to be removed
    > (drywall w/ mold growing on it, ...) before the MDF - 500 is fogged in the
    > building. It is not supposed to be used to kill major mold growing in a building
    > to be used as an antimicrobile. It is suppose to be used to decontaminate the
    > secondary mold contaminats (i.e., spores, hyphea, ...)quickly so that a whole HEPA
    > vac & wiping of the contaminated area does not have to be done.
    > Chris Reinhart

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