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    Posted by CL on 11/22/05

    On 10/05/05, Your opinion is needed wrote:
    > I did call and it is EPA registered. I am wondering if this is a good kill
    > agent after a water intrusion is fixed? Not to use as a prevention but
    > to "kill" what has started and to prevent growth.
    > On 10/05/05, DD wrote:
    >> Sounds like it's not a durable antimicrobial.
    >> On 10/05/05, TM wrote:
    >>> One of our sales agents used the Modec product extensively in the
    >>> Caribbean and has tested the product with ATS. The Epa Registration #
    >>> 80364-1 and 80364-2 are part "A" and part "B" used together to make one
    >>> product. The testing performed on the product showed very good kill rate,
    >>> but did not deliver any long term protection. One of the tests showed the
    >>> efficacy of the product when exposed to moisture. The kill rate dropped
    >>> immediately when exposed to water and was completed ineffective after 7
    >>> days. The product washed right off the surface. The product does a great
    >>> job at killing existing mold, but it will not prevent mold. The label
    >>> details its claims and does not offer or make claims to prevent anything.
    >>> I think that it is a great killer, but the costs associated just to kill
    >>> mold is WAY to high. You would be wiser to use much cheaper quats
    >>> available on the market to do the same thing.
    >>> On 10/05/05, Your opinion needed wrote:
    >>>> So all in all what do you think about this product? Do you think it is
    >>>> legitimate? Any info would be great. Thanks for the input so far.
    >>>> The USEPA has accepted Modec's Label for its Modec Decon Formulation.
    >>>> Approved for antimicrobial disinfectant and fungicidal uses, Modec's
    >>>> Decon Formulation has been assigned EPA Registration No.'s 80364-1 and
    >>>> 80364-2. When used as directed, MDF-500 exhibits effective disinfectant
    >>>> activity against the organisms: Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella
    >>>> choleraesuis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and meets the requirements for
    >>>> hospital use.
    >>>>We finally have a product that nuetralizes the mold SPORE, which is what we
    all want to get rid of in a cheaper way. Be happy we finally have this available
    to us and not just the military using it.

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