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    Post: Notice from Webmaster

    Posted by Bob R/CA on 1/27/06

    Please be aware that this chatboard is a public forum.
    Information posted here that may be deemed defamatory or
    otherwise legally actionable will enjoy no privacy
    protection from Counsel.Net or

    Parties seeking to determine the origin of any individual
    posting to this website are advised they need only
    ascertain the IP number (Internet address) of the posting
    party from the relevant page's source code. This number,
    together with the timestamp (found in the web address of
    the post, in 24 hour time, pacific timezone) may then be
    supplied to the relevant Internet service provider
    (typically via subpoena) to determine the precise party
    responsible for the posting.

    If you post false and defamatory content to this website,
    you may face lawsuits resulting in complete liability for
    any losses suffered from your posting.

    While Counsel.Net respects and encourages the free-flow of
    discussions relevant to the law, we advise anyone posting
    material which may be defamatory to be fully aware of the
    elements of and defenses to defamation and related
    lawsuits - both in your local jurisdiction and beyond.

    Thank you for your support and understanding.

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