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    Re: Soda Blasting For Mold Removal???

    Posted by Sean Campbell on 12/04/06


    Can you give me some examples of places where SodaBlasting is banned for MOLD

    On 9/30/06, RemDude wrote:
    > David - Fortunately, most indoor air quality professionals,
    > environmental consultants, and IHs do not clear structures that have
    > been soda blasted nor do they spec the process. As many have pointed
    > out, the concept is not applicable nor wise for bio contamination.
    > While it might be great for auto parts and metal restoration, it
    > simply does nothing but magnify mold contamination. Like many
    > remediation professionals, I have to charge twice as much to clean up
    > the mess caused by soda blasting,
    > While the unwitting customer may be wowed and amazed at the process,
    > the industry is responding. You simply cannot in good conscience clear
    > a structure that has been blasted. Like all other bad remediation
    > fads, this too will fade away. The IAQA, the IICRC, and industry
    > professionals will exert the necessary pressure to ensure this
    > happens. In the meantime, customers will get taken for an expensive
    > ride.
    > RemDude
    > On 9/28/06, David wrote:
    >> This process is a chronic problem in the New Orleans area, it's gone
    >> from one to now a dozen companies and they are getting a lot of
    >> work. No one is protecting the consumer, not the CDC, the LDEQ, nor
    >> the State Contractor's Licensing Board.
    >> A few years from now it'll be a national scandal - "why didn't
    > anyone
    >> warn the consumer!?" I'm trying but who is going to listen to me
    >> when the these guys have the support of so many Home Building
    >> Associations and such.

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