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    Re: Soda Blasting For Mold Removal???

    Posted by Ned Bison on 12/06/06

    On 12/04/06, Rem Dude wrote:
    > Sean, since there is no governing or regulatory body for the mold
    > remediation industry, I don’t see how any remediation protocol no matter
    > how poorly conceived can be “banned”.
    > RD

    Can the protocol call for the use of DDT? The chemicals used to kill mold are
    regulated and governed by Federal and State EPA agencies and those chemicals
    can be banned.

    > However, there are plenty of indoor
    > air quality and environmental consultants who will not recommend the
    > procedure nor clear a structure that has been remediated with the method.

    If the mold has been removed why would a air quality or environmental
    consultant not clear a structure? What procedures will they sign off on?

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