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    Re: Soda Blasting For Mold Removal???

    Posted by Ryan on 12/07/06

    The simple way to see if it's clearable is to run air sample tests and swabs
    with a mold count and identifier. Unless this is done in a controlled manner,
    over and over again, people can go back and forth about what is effective or
    increases the problem exponentially. Back it with tests, not opinions.

    On 12/06/06, Ned Bison wrote:
    > On 12/04/06, Rem Dude wrote:
    >> Sean, since there is no governing or regulatory body for the mold
    >> remediation industry, I don’t see how any remediation protocol no matter
    >> how poorly conceived can be “banned”.
    >> RD
    > Can the protocol call for the use of DDT? The chemicals used to kill mold are
    > regulated and governed by Federal and State EPA agencies and those chemicals
    > can be banned.
    >> However, there are plenty of indoor
    >> air quality and environmental consultants who will not recommend the
    >> procedure nor clear a structure that has been remediated with the method.
    > If the mold has been removed why would a air quality or environmental
    > consultant not clear a structure? What procedures will they sign off on?

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