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    Re: Soda Blasting For Mold Removal

    Posted by RemDude on 6/05/06

    I am just completed a remediaiton project which is the aftermath
    of a soda blasting procedure. This is a 2,000 sq. ft crawl space
    that was a Condition 3 site. The home owner had a remediaiton
    company come in and soda blast followed by a white glove cleaning
    with a well known quat disinfectant. They paid big bucks and the
    project took several days to complete.

    That was two months ago. The crawl space is back to Condition 3
    because the remediator spread contamination throughout the
    structure and did nothing to solve the moisture intrusion problem.
    We used a chemical remediaiton process followed by the application
    of an inhibitor followed by a dehumidification system. We were in
    and out in less than a day and we were cheaper including the
    dehumidification system and we have guaranteed our results for 5

    We have been called out to several remediation projects where soda
    blasting has been used. Lift samples show re-contamination of
    surfaces within weeks of blasting. It is apparent that this method
    is aerosolizing spores and/or driving spores deeply into porous
    surfaces where they remain dormant waiting for optimal growing
    conditions once again.

    From what we have experienced in the field, this is not an
    effective remediaiton technique.

    On 6/02/06, Harvard46Q wrote:
    > On 5/22/06, RemDude wrote:
    > .... soda blasting creates more problems than it solves. It is
    > being banned in many areas......
    > ................................................................
    > New ideas come and go, but really bad ones live on, like
    > Ozone and soda for killing mold. I saw where Dr. Richard Lipsey
    > gave a speech at a national medical
    > convention on toxic mold and pesticides and presented a list
    > of "cures" for moldy buildings with mold contamination and
    > pesticide contamination and those two harmful processes were
    > mentioned. He is giving a speech at the Harvard Club in Boston
    > attorneys, builders and contractors July 19, regarding proper
    > investigation and remediation of sick buildings contaminated
    > toxic chemicals and Stachybotrys. It is called the Construction
    > Law Conference and I think you can Google the conference and get
    > their literature for free.

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