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    Re: Soda Blasting For Mold Removal???

    Posted by vince on 7/26/07

    On 3/29/06, P. Davidson wrote:
    > I have read about soda blasting as a new method being used
    > in the mold remediation business. Can anyone tell me how
    > effective the process is in killing mold and what the
    > dangers are for this type of method? It seems that there
    > would be a host of issues regarding the caustic nature of
    > soda, the potential for excessive mold release into the
    > environment, and the potential to drive spores deeper into
    > the substrate. Wouldn’t there be significant liability
    > associated with this method?
    > Anyone have any practical experience with this?
    Wow! Talk about misinformation.
    Soda blasting removes mold, it does not kill it. The surface
    must them be treated with a antimicrobial silicon polymer.
    Soda blasting is completely safe. Neutral ph. Part of the
    body's natural buffering system. The caustic nature of
    soda???Soda bicarbonate is NaCHO3. You use it on your
    battery terminals to prevent corrosion. You can inhale it.
    And how about the guy that says you use BAKING POWER not
    baking soda??? Baking powder is baking soda plus one or more
    acid salts and some cornstarch to absorb moisture so a
    reaction does not take place before a liquid is added to the
    batter. Baking soda will cause some reddening of cocoa
    powder , hence the name Devil's Food cake.
    get out of the law books and open a chemistry book.

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