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    Re: ??????

    Posted by RemDude on 4/04/06

    Since my last post was deleted, let’s just say that there
    once upon a time was a manufacturer of mold prevention
    chemicals who had a problem with one of their resellers and
    it was all aired on this forum. After this epic urine match,
    everyone evaporated. Me thinks that many of
    the “participants” were just aliases.

    Anyhow, no one posts much around here of interest to the
    building industry. Hell, the battles were more fun to watch
    than this.

    I take it you’re "in the business"?

    On 4/03/06, Mold Remover wrote:
    > What happened to this forum? There were a few participants
    > around here who contributed to this place. No one seems to
    > post here any more.
    > Anyone still here???

    Posts on this thread, including this one

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