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    Re: ??????

    Posted by Mold Remover on 4/10/06

    Thanks for the feedback. I figured that was why everyone left.
    Do you know of other forums where industry folks are actually
    exchanging any meaningful information, or are they all like
    this place?

    Yes I am in the mold remediation business. Started in the
    asbestos abatement days and migrated to the mold side of the
    house. We have 6 crews who do nothing but screening and
    remediation for both residential and commercial customers. We
    do the usual - air sampling, damage assessment, and removal.

    Having read most of the rest of this site, seems everyone is
    all upset about mold. If anyone truly purchased a property
    without a proper mold inspection, then I feel sorry for them.
    It is a simple matter that a few hundred bucks invested on the
    front end, can save you thousands on the back end. I don’t
    understand why more people do not have inspections done. After
    all, how many folks got sick last year from termites? Folks
    will pay a small fortune for that, but nothing for a mold
    inspection. Make no sense to me, but I am too busy to really
    worry about it.

    On 4/04/06, RemDude wrote:
    > Since my last post was deleted, let’s just say that there
    > once upon a time was a manufacturer of mold prevention
    > chemicals who had a problem with one of their resellers and
    > it was all aired on this forum. After this epic urine match,
    > everyone evaporated. Me thinks that many of
    > the “participants” were just aliases.
    > Anyhow, no one posts much around here of interest to the
    > building industry. Hell, the battles were more fun to watch
    > than this.
    > I take it you’re "in the business"?
    > On 4/03/06, Mold Remover wrote:
    >> What happened to this forum? There were a few participants
    >> around here who contributed to this place. No one seems to
    >> post here any more.
    >> Anyone still here???

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