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    Re: Ignoring Building Defects

    Posted by Homey on 6/12/06

    What is sad is that people think it's so easy to sue someone. Only
    people who have never had a real legal problem and done anything
    about it still live under that delusion. I'm not talking about
    ambulance chasers who make a living getting people settlements from
    insurance co's for injuries in car accidents, etc, but civil cases
    involving property and other non-personal injury issues. Most state
    laws just don't allow the kind of awards people think they are
    entitled to. Anyone who's had to go after a bad home builder finds
    that out real quick.

    On 4/12/06, Harris wrote:
    > RemDude - In the area of home maintenance, I have found the same
    > thing. Home owners either don’t understand what to look for or
    > simply ignore structural defects which lead to mold problems. In
    > too many residential remediation cases I find that the owner
    > admits to knowing there was a moisture problem, but chose to
    > ignore it.
    > I guess this is what keeps us all in business. But what does
    > bother me is the need to blame the problems that created for
    > themselves on others. I always hear “Oh, that damn builder”
    > or “The guy I bought the house from never fixed that wood rot”.
    > Followed by, “I’m gonna sue him”.
    > Sad.

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