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    Re: soda blasting

    Posted by RemDude on 5/22/06

    Ahhh Chris, not sure you made it through high school
    chemistry, but soda is an alkali. Alkalis react with metal
    in the presence of moisture. Further, blasting porous
    surfaces only drives contamination into the surface and
    aerosolizes everything else. Then there is the clean up

    Soda blasting is being touted as fast and cheap, but most
    environmental consultants & IHs will not recommend the
    process under any circumstances. Best try to sell the
    concept and puff the stock somewhere else...

    On 5/20/06, Chris wrote:
    > C'mon people! It baking soda. Same stuff you put in your
    > freezer, same stuff in your toothpaste, same stuff you
    > on carpet stains. It removes all moisture from the surface
    > of the wood framing and it definitely does not eat metal.
    > Its natural and much better for the environment than ANY
    > chemical you can buy. American Mold Gaurd has a public
    > stock trade now so they must be onto something. The top of
    > the line soda blast equipment is expensive and takes a lot
    > of air to push.Beware of cheap soda blast units as they
    > a maintenancew headache. This is a technology thats been
    > around for a while and real snake oil sale here is cheap
    > equipment. Armex is the preferred brand of soda blast and
    > you can find it at If you want
    > to know the truth about it conact me.
    > Chris

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