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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by jesse on 1/31/06

    On 1/31/06, jesse wrote:
    > On 1/26/05, PAL wrote:
    >> On 11/18/04, BoB wrote:
    >>> On 9/08/04, Robert wrote:
    >>>> On 9/07/04, John wrote:
    >>>>> On 9/07/04, Mike wrote:
    >>>>>> On 8/16/04, Norm Sherwood wrote:
    >>>>>>> On 8/02/04, Ljc wrote:
    >>>>>>>> I recently ran across a company called American Mold Guard.
    >>>>>>>> (Irvine, CA). They provide a ten year warranty against mold
    >>>>>>>> growth on the application of their anti-mold surface
    >>>>>>>> coating product which is applied during new construction on
    >>>>>>>> interior framing and walls. Has anyone heard of this
    >>>>>>>> company or product? Does it make any sense...?
    >>>>>>> I have actually dealt with EnviroCare for my mold issues -
    >>>>>>> Try them at
    >>>>>> I have been using MicroShield for over 2 years now. You should
    >>>>>> give them a call or look them up on line at
    >>>>> I have read what many have said about the need to find the
    >>>>> building defect and correct it and I couldn�t agree more.
    >>>>> Although as a Director of Construction for a national builder I
    >>>>> have many supers and many tradesmen involved in building my
    >>>> homes
    >>>>> and defects happen.
    >>>>> I have been using the MicroShield pretreatment for 3 years now
    >>>> on
    >>>>> all of the homes built in my division and have tested the homes
    >>>>> as much as 3 yrs after treatment after a water intrusion event.
    >>>>> When called for any leak our protocol is to react to it within
    >>>> 24
    >>>>> hrs. We take every opportunity to test the product to determine
    >>>>> its effectiveness.
    >>>>> In an industry (production homebuilding) where everything is an
    >>>>> option to control hard cost MicroShield is a standard. It is
    >>>> the
    >>>>> homebuyer�s decision to purchase a humidistat or a mechanical
    >>>>> dehumidifier it is our responsibility as builders to provide
    >>>> them
    >>>>> with the most protection we can if the choose not to.
    >>>>> To date using accredited testing labs the protective coating is
    >>>>> still in place and is preventing microbial growth. While this
    >>>> is
    >>>>> not going to prevent all mold growth it will not allow mold to
    >>>>> grow on any treated surface. I have surface mold growth on
    >>>>> untreated drywall localized by the pre-treatment contained to a
    >>>>> level 1 size area (10 sq ft or less) that can be easily removed
    >>>>> with a control bag by our warranty techs that have been mold
    >>>>> certified.
    >>>>> We have saved our division countless dollars by minimizing our
    >>>>> exposure. I consider it risk prevention. The last 2 years
    >>>> with
    >>>>> MicroShield we have spent $0 on mold remediation and an average
    >>>>> of $650 on mold protection per home.
    >>>>> We will continue to pre-treat all of our homes with MicroSield
    >>>>> as we continue to train o supers ad tradesmen to produe the
    >>>>> ever-elusive defect free production
    >>>>> Look up MicroShield at I don�t think
    >>>>> the others have been around as long and are definitely not as
    >>>>> affordable.
    >>>> I just looked at the microshield web site,there is one big problem
    >>>> with this product. The 2 step application. As a builder, I need
    >>>> a one and done application. I can't back up my mechanicals any
    >>>> more than they already are. Plus, I don't want something that
    >>>> will encapsulate the mold, I want it gone. I would never use the
    >>>> microshield program, if you read the fine print on their warranty,
    >>>> you could do alot better
    >> E-Coat looks like a effective way of mold prevention. one step
    >> acrylic application, it says it drys in 1 hour. Has 20 year
    >> warranty. Average house costs about $500 to $700.
    > Mold B Gone looks pretty good to me: I know a couple guys
    > that have been using it, and they both seem to be quite happy with it.
    > I've been thinking about giving them a try. They have a 25 year warranty
    > and from what I've heard have some kind of dye in it so you can see whats
    > been treated. Just my 2 cents.

    BTW, the rep that I've been in contact with from mold b gone who has been
    trying to get me to use their product is Evan, and I THINK his address is I dont have my email address book open since i
    always just hit the reply button, but I'm pretty sure thats the right addy.
    I tried talking to another person when I called their 800 number but he was
    kind of an ass, so I got in touch with this guy and have been dealing with him.

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