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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by RemDude on 10/11/06

    Jim - There are two simple precepts that apply to this industry:

    1. It is illegal to apply an unregistered pesticide.

    2. It is illegal to misapply a registered pesticide.

    Apparently, even those in the industry cannot seem to grasp these two
    precepts. So it is not surprising that the average builder, architect,
    homeowner gets confused over the marketing hype (lies) that is routinely
    dumped on them. Unfortunately, personal injury lawyers are the only ones who
    get it (or fortunately if you are a PI). There’s big bucks in mold litigation
    and application companies, builders, landlords, property managers, and
    architects are the juicy targets.

    Those who are breaking the law better wise up. The legal exposure they are
    shouldering is both real and substantial. Apply an unregistered pesticide or
    misapply a registered pesticide and face 7 years of potential liability of
    unknown limits. And all for a few bucks in their pockets today. I don’t see
    how breaking the law is worth all that.


    On 10/09/06, Jim Kelly wrote:
    > Why won't Am Mold respond to this post? The Internet is generally a good
    > place to dispel rumors and falsehoods, so why not a reply?
    > I find this industry frustrating. Everyone claims they have the best product
    > and all claim to be following the law. But when you investigate the claims
    > seldom do the facts support the claims. Why can’t people in this industry
    > simply tell the truth and comply with state and federal regulations. Is it
    > impossible?
    > Looking for some honest answers -
    > Jim Kelly
    > On 9/27/06, Just Checking wrote:
    >> No wonder why you stated “no need to investigate”. First of all, soda
    >> blasting has no EPA registration to it. Secondly, the EPA number you give
    >> is a sub-registration of Coating Systems Laboratories out of Chandler AZ.
    >> The product you reference is a form of ammonium chloride. To be effective
    >> one gallon covers 200 square feet. However, when reading the Master Label,
    >> no where does it state that “Zoonocide” can be used on wooden surfaces. To
    >> do so is in violation of FIFRA. Do you understand the liability associated
    >> with the improper use of a pesticide for both you and your customers?
    >> Care to comment?
    >> Just Checking
    >> On 9/27/06, Chad wrote:
    >>> I am a regional VP for American Mold Guard. Our process involves
    >>> removal of all visible mold from new construction using Arm & Hammer
    >>> Baking soda (soda blasting), then treatment of the cleaned sticks with
    >>> an EPA approved surfactant which will not allow mold to re-grow on any
    >>> treated surface (and we treat the ENTIRE frame).
    >>> Our product is one of the few that acutally IS registered with the EPA
    >>> for use with wood framing. Our EPA product registration number is
    >>> 070087-000001-082653. No need to "investigate".
    >>> Our process works quite well. Our website is
    >>> or call us at 877-MOLDGUARD. We do work from coast to coast for some of
    >>> the most reputable builders in the nation.

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