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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by JB on 11/01/04

    Please do not refer anyone to use Envirocare or it's pirated
    technology until you test the products. I helped create this
    industry and I can assure you from extensive third party testing
    that the Envirocare products do not work. They only prevent the
    surface of their paint film coating from microbial attack. And
    they do not do that very well. You can apply better protection
    from using a standard mildew resistant paint.

    On 10/26/04, Scott Perry wrote:
    > The reality is if a combination of good building and a
    > quality/safe Anti Microbial coating is applied you are safer and
    > better off than doing nothing. There are plenty of well built
    > homes that experience a water intrusion or moisture realted
    > problems. You are better off applying a coating a penny's/sq
    > ft. I know of a company called EnviroCare Corp.
    > ( They own a silver based technolgy that
    > carries a 20 year product and remediation warranty. I would
    > suggest to anyone bulding a home, that they take a look......and
    > choose a quality builder.
    > On 10/26/04, Scott Perry wrote:
    >> On 8/27/04, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    >>> People,
    >>> You are placing way too much trust into antifungal sealers,
    >>> paints and coatings. Pay more attention to correcting the
    >>> cause of the water or condensation intrusion. There is no
    >>> antifungal sealer, paint or coating that can win the fight
    >>> against mold and spore-forming bacteria if the source of
    >>> water or condensation intrusion is not corrected.
    >>> It is wreckless to use an antifungal sealer, paint or coating
    >>> on the seal plate and rim joist (band joist) of a home. These
    >>> structural wood members need to be able to dry to the indoors
    >>> and outdoors unless you live in the hot and humid Southeast
    >>> like Florida. In Florida, they have to be able to dry to the
    >>> indoors. There is a load of free information on:
    >>> Look at the difference between the "Orlando" house and
    >>> the "Charlotte" house. There is a link at the bottom of the
    >>> page.
    >>> The soil drainage outside should divert water away from the
    >>> home. An old fashioned French field drain with clay tiles is
    >>> still the best way to go (for centuries).
    >>> Antifungal sealers, paints and coatings are useless by
    >>> themselves. Read the label. They tell you the surface has
    >>> to be free of ALL dirt, oils and everything else under the
    >>> sun. Are y'all applying these products in a clean room
    >>> setting?
    >>> If you don't have fresh air supply and exhaust on your HVAC
    >>> systems you may have a problem with chemical vapors indoors.
    >>> Some of these antifungal sealers, paints and coatings have a
    >>> good history in outdoor uses on items like metal. Wood is a
    >>> different animal.
    >>> Regards,
    >>> Greg Weatherman
    >>> aerobioLogical Solutions Inc.
    >>> Arlington VA 22202
    >>> ********************************************
    >>> On 8/02/04, Ljc wrote:
    >>>> I recently ran across a company called American Mold Guard.
    >>>> (Irvine, CA). They provide a ten year warranty against mold
    >>>> growth on the application of their anti-mold surface
    >>>> coating product which is applied during new construction on
    >>>> interior framing and walls. Has anyone heard of this
    >>>> company or product? Does it make any sense...?

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