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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Marty on 11/02/04

    More Gov't controls on mold. what's next. I contacted PCG,
    Envirocare, Fosters, Aegis, CIA Group and Nova. Wow talk about a bunch
    of people who all beleive that there product is the best.

    Why does everyone on this website continue to bash each other?? This
    sounds like a bunch of cry babies that have gotten their butts kicked by
    a specific vendor and are acting like a professional football player or

    I thought this chatroom was for information sharing, not a bunch of cry
    babies. Does anyone actually call up these companies and talk to anyone
    anymore or just try and fight behind their backs?

    to the response on Aegis, CIA and Nova these are virtually the same
    product. Designed for killing the existing molds, works as a one time
    kill, but these are not designed for long term protection. Reference
    their warranties Aegis doesn't have one, CIA appears to have copied
    EnviroCares and Nova doesn't have one, but is involved with a third
    party company, an insurance company that warranties them. (trust if you
    will) Good short term protection, but no meat on the warranties to
    protect ourselves.

    EnviroCare and PCG, these companies did have a common link, John Barry,
    well known coatings expert. He left EnviroCare and now works for PCG,
    it is noted though he is not the inventor of the products, he is only
    technical support.

    These products have a 20 and 25 year full remediation warranty
    respectively. The EnviroCare product E-coat and PCG product Forticel
    are completely different in their chemical makeup. E-coat is polymer
    based, while Forticel is a blend of 3 antimicrobials.

    I actually got samples of all the products and have had several
    different labs do a variety of tests on these products. some of the
    posted claims are true. Aegis and CIA do an effective job of killing
    mold, although the PCG product also did very well. The E-coat and PCG
    product did hold up to the soak tests the best, while Nova, Aegis and
    CIA actually washed off the surface and produced excessive mold
    growth. Several products require mixing and if mixed wrong can
    actually promote mold growth, by injecting the wood surfaces with access
    water and no mold kill product.

    Mold is problem, but how you chose to midigate the growth of mold is
    another thing. Don't trust the salesmen, call the company find out the
    facts. any one can be mold expert now a days, and technology is ever
    changing to help us control and contain mold and mold growth. For now
    call the supplier get the facts and be safe.

    On 11/02/04, Robert wrote:
    > EPA registration is important only if you are actually applying a
    > pesticide. The EPA regulates pesticides. Most of the mold
    > prevention products do not contain pesticides. All the mold Killers
    > contain pesticides.
    > Paint products have all kinds of additives added to them and they do
    > not require EPA approval. The new mold prevention products are under
    > the same requirements. Those of you, who do not understand the
    > guidelines of the Gov't and what they are for are mislead
    > individuals.
    > I have been a builder for years and understand water intrusions and
    > mold. To prevent is better than to react.
    > Several of the products on the market are designed to kill existing
    > mold on the product surface. This is good, but they do not last
    > (check the warranty claims) they also can be washed off by a water
    > intrusion over time. (once again not good because mold needs moisture
    > to grow).
    > Once you actually check out the facts you all will see that you should
    > prevent mold growth over the long term, see your states home owners
    > warranty (most are 10 years and then some).
    > Be very careful of fast talking salesmen that try to scare you away
    > from products or into using product. These guys are no good. Check
    > the facts warranties are very important, and it doesn't really matter
    > what state the parent company resides in. If the manufacturer doesn't
    > warrant the product then don't trust them. Chevy and Ford stand
    > behind their products so do several companies out there.
    > On 11/01/04, concerned wrote:
    >> I looked up the St Jude Case. I was told the John Barry and Lenny
    >> Abbott owned PCG. I did not see anything about either of them. I
    >> have been approached by PCG to sell their product instead of the
    >> Aegis product in Florida. Everyone at the CIA Group has been very
    >> forward with their product and its ability to fight mold. I do
    > agree
    >> that EPA registration is important. Who else is protecting us?
    >> PCG is nothing but an opportunistic fraud
    >>> taking advantage of a vunerable Florida market. They mislead you
    >>> by making illegal claims and getting their users in trouble for a
    >>> quick buck, (see EPA treated Article Exemption PR notice
    >>>, their so called technology officer is named in a
    >>> lawsuit involving St.Jude where he developed a product that - see
    >>> for yourself, its sickening: ( a
    >>> cohort real estate scam artist with other lawsuits on file in
    >>> kansas and indiana. BUYER BEWARE.

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