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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by dd on 11/03/04

    Thanks for anwering those points.. Laypeople, especially those recovering
    from mold-related illness and devestation have a hard time finding basic,
    factual info.

    On 11/02/04, Marty wrote:
    > More Gov't controls on mold. what's next. I contacted PCG,
    > Envirocare, Fosters, Aegis, CIA Group and Nova. Wow talk about a bunch
    > of people who all beleive that there product is the best.
    > Why does everyone on this website continue to bash each other?? This
    > sounds like a bunch of cry babies that have gotten their butts kicked by
    > a specific vendor and are acting like a professional football player or
    > something.
    > I thought this chatroom was for information sharing, not a bunch of cry
    > babies. Does anyone actually call up these companies and talk to anyone
    > anymore or just try and fight behind their backs?
    > to the response on Aegis, CIA and Nova these are virtually the same
    > product. Designed for killing the existing molds, works as a one time
    > kill, but these are not designed for long term protection. Reference
    > their warranties Aegis doesn't have one, CIA appears to have copied
    > EnviroCares and Nova doesn't have one, but is involved with a third
    > party company, an insurance company that warranties them. (trust if you
    > will) Good short term protection, but no meat on the warranties to
    > protect ourselves.
    > EnviroCare and PCG, these companies did have a common link, John Barry,
    > well known coatings expert. He left EnviroCare and now works for PCG,
    > it is noted though he is not the inventor of the products, he is only
    > technical support.
    > These products have a 20 and 25 year full remediation warranty
    > respectively. The EnviroCare product E-coat and PCG product Forticel
    > are completely different in their chemical makeup. E-coat is polymer
    > based, while Forticel is a blend of 3 antimicrobials.
    > I actually got samples of all the products and have had several
    > different labs do a variety of tests on these products. some of the
    > posted claims are true. Aegis and CIA do an effective job of killing
    > mold, although the PCG product also did very well. The E-coat and PCG
    > product did hold up to the soak tests the best, while Nova, Aegis and
    > CIA a

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