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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Bill Cook on 11/09/06

    On 10/11/06, RemDude wrote:
    > Jim - There are two simple precepts that apply to this industry:
    > 1. It is illegal to apply an unregistered pesticide.
    > 2. It is illegal to misapply a registered pesticide.
    > Apparently, even those in the industry cannot seem to grasp these two
    > precepts. So it is not surprising that the average builder, architect,
    > homeowner gets confused over the marketing hype (lies) that is routinely
    > dumped on them. Unfortunately, personal injury lawyers are the only ones who
    > get it (or fortunately if you are a PI). There’s big bucks in mold litigation
    > and application companies, builders, landlords, property managers, and
    > architects are the juicy targets.
    > Those who are breaking the law better wise up. The legal exposure they are
    > shouldering is both real and substantial. Apply an unregistered pesticide or
    > misapply a registered pesticide and face 7 years of potential liability of
    > unknown limits. And all for a few bucks in their pockets today. I don’t see
    > how breaking the law is worth all that.
    > RD
    > On 10/09/06, Jim Kelly wrote:
    >> Why won't Am Mold respond to this post? The Internet is generally a good
    >> place to dispel rumors and falsehoods, so why not a reply?
    >> I find this industry frustrating. Everyone claims they have the best product
    >> and all claim to be following the law. But when you investigate the claims
    >> seldom do the facts support the claims. Why can’t people in this industry
    >> simply tell the truth and comply with state and federal regulations. Is it
    >> impossible?
    >> Looking for some honest answers -
    >> Jim Kelly
    >> On 9/27/06, Just Checking wrote:
    >>> No wonder why you stated “no need to investigate”. First of all, soda
    >>> blasting has no EPA registration to it. Secondly, the EPA number you give
    >>> is a sub-registration of Coating Systems Laboratories out of Chandler AZ.
    >>> The product you reference is a form of ammonium chloride. To be effective
    >>> one gallon covers 200 square feet. However, when reading the Master Label,
    >>> no where does it state that “Zoonocide” can be used on wooden surfaces. To
    >>> do so is in violation of FIFRA. Do you understand the liability associated
    >>> with the improper use of a pesticide for both you and your customers?
    >>> Care to comment?
    >>> Just Checking
    >>> On 9/27/06, Chad wrote:
    >>>> I am a regional VP for American Mold Guard. Our process involves
    >>>> removal of all visible mold from new construction using Arm & Hammer
    >>>> Baking soda (soda blasting), then treatment of the cleaned sticks with
    >>>> an EPA approved surfactant which will not allow mold to re-grow on any
    >>>> treated surface (and we treat the ENTIRE frame).
    >>>> Our product is one of the few that acutally IS registered with the EPA
    >>>> for use with wood framing. Our EPA product registration number is
    >>>> 070087-000001-082653. No need to "investigate".
    >>>> Our process works quite well. Our website is
    >>>> or call us at 877-MOLDGUARD. We do work from coast to coast for some of
    >>>> the most reputable builders in the nation.

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