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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Robet Dahl - Microbe Guard Inc on 12/05/04

    On 12/01/04, mold fact guy wrote:
    > Why is it that the EPA is required for everything on this website.
    > I think this is still turning into a salemens website, instead of an
    > engineering knowledge website.
    > Just because its EPA registered doesn't mean it works or is safe.
    > Its EPA registered because the chemicals are "destructive" to
    > something that's why its Registered ddddaaaa.
    > I checked out the microguard website and I can't even tell what
    > product these fruitcakes are applying. is it Aegis, Nova or what??
    > they seem like they claim everything and yet back it with nothing.
    > It looks almost like they are manufacturing their own, products,
    > which as we know would then require EPA registration.
    > I seem to sense a salemens got either turned down, or rejected as a
    > distributor from some of the stated companies. Robert from
    > MicrobeGuard, you must be salemen or the owner, because its pretty
    > clear you are trying to deface EnviroCare,Fosters and PCG's
    > products. This does not help our industry by us viewing your
    > personal battles.
    > Doesn't anyone produce field or lab tests anymore. I saw several
    > lab results from some of these companies and they speak for
    > themselves. I agree with a previous post. there appear to be two
    > distinct fields of mold protection out there. Mold Killers
    > (existing problems-Aegis, NovaBioshield,etc) and long term Mold
    > Protection (Fosters, EnviroCare,PCG)and from what I understand the
    > Mold Killers require EPA registration because they kill. the others
    > do not require EPA registration because they do not 'harm the
    > enviroment' per EPA.
    > Please keep these posts scientific and not a personal battle ok
    > Robert. Otherwise, it just forces us to go else for the actual
    > facts.
    > I currently am having the local applicators apply PCG's FortiCel
    > product, because I feel that it is Scientifically Superior(the
    > Newest technology), they use 3 antimicrobials not 1. They have a 25-
    > year no nonsense warranty, and their price is the best for the
    > service I receive. I used to use Fosters 40-20, but that product
    > is an encapsulant that does not allow the wood to breath. I have
    > tested 2 other applicators in our area, but was displeased with the
    > service and product, One of the products is colorless, it made it
    > hard for my sales staff to sell, I like the colored stuff because it
    > shows we are doing something to the wall cavities.
    > My subs can also work while the application is being applied. This
    > was great, because it does not force me to lose a day to the Mold
    > Prevention application. I know one of the companies requires a full
    > day to not have any workers in the dwelling. This was just not
    > acceptable to lose another day in the schedule, especially on the
    > front end.
    > I may change vendors down the road, but currently I like using a
    > safe, friendly product that my home owners can see and feel like
    > they are getting something for their dollar.
    > You all have to select your own products, based on what is important
    > to you. I never let a salesmen sell me, I have talked with other
    > builders and the manufacturers because it's important to me.
    > No offense, but guys like Robert from MicrobeGuard who have a flashy
    > website, that actually says nothing, might work for builders in his
    > area, but the rest of us like to see data and facts and we have seen
    > dozens of 'carsalesmen' in our days.
    > My clients are important to me, I get many referralls from them, so
    > take your time and review the test results and real world examples,
    > because this MOLD stuff can really hurt if it gets started and then
    > into a court battle.
    > Someone posted, something about an ounce of prevention, it sure is
    > worth it to me.
    > On 11/23/04, Tom B. wrote:
    >> American Mold Guard's product is registered with the EPA. The
    >> company is using the same active ingredient with an added surface
    >> durability feature. The company only purchases product from
    >> manufactures that hold EPA registrations for the actual
    >> claim/surface being treated.
    >> On 10/20/04, Robert D wrote:
    >>> I know of American Mold Guard and the Forticel product. I have
    >>> been in the remediation business for 15 years and have used
    >> every product on the market. Last week, the manufacturer of the
    >>> Forticel product and one of their distributors was issued a
    >> Cease
    >>> and Desist order by the EPA for making illegal claims. Their
    >>> products are not EPA Registered and can not kill or prevent the
    >>> growth of mold on any surface accept for their paint film
    >>> coating. You have to be careful and not believe everything that
    >>> you read. American Mold Guard used to have a good product but
    >>> they have changed manufacturer and are making their own product
    >>> that is not EPA Registered.
    >>> Do not buy or use any product that is not EPA Registered and be
    >>> sure to require the EPA Reg. No. A lot of these people make
    >>> claims that they can not prove. Require documentation or call
    >>> the EPA to verify claims.
    >>> For your own benefit, check out
    >>> In response to the mold fact guy.
    My name is Robert Dahl, V.P. National Sales of microbe Guard Inc. This
    web site was given to me by one of our Manufacturers. Here are the
    facts and I challange anyone to prove different. This is a very fast
    growing industry that is attracting alot of get rich quick people who
    see the merit in mold prevention, but do not take the time to check the
    facts for themselves. I have been in the construction industry since
    1985 and have owned my own restoration company since 1992. I have used
    most products on the market and i have researched in DETAIL, ALL OF
    THEM! I was in the mold business before half of these johnie come
    latelies even heard of mold prevention. I know the players in the
    industry and their products. AND to set the record, I do not have
    anyhting against any of them. I do however have a huge problem with
    Companies who lie and sales people who lack the training and education
    about their own products. The facts speak for themselfs, Microbe Guard
    Inc is the largest mold prevention contractor in the Country!! We buy
    more, sell more and do more mold prevention work than anyone! Why?
    Because we only use the best products, the best equipment and mandate
    the best training for all of our applicators. We use only EPA
    Registered products because they are proven to be safe and effective
    and have proven that to the EPA. Only products that prove that they
    are safe and effective can achieve EPA registration. Please call the
    EPA yourself and verify. Most manufacturers out there use a paint or
    paint like substance that they add an EPA registered antimicrobial in
    the mixture. If EPA is no big dela, then why do all these
    manufacturers who are knocking EPA Registration so anxious to state
    that their product carries one or several EPA registered additives?
    Thesse same manufacturers are misleading about the claims of their
    product. ALL these manufacturers can only claim the the EPA Registered
    additive can only protect their paint coating only. Several of them
    dance around the issue, but the fact remains the same. These products
    do not protect the wood or structure of the home. Again don't believe
    me, call the EPA. I also know for fact that one of these manufacturers
    was issued a Cease and Desist order by a State for making false
    claims. I also know for fact that the same company is under federal
    investigation for making these claims all over the country. These are
    not rumors, there facts!! Call the EPA and ask about any legal
    investigations in the Mold Prevention industry. The EPA was at our
    office last week, because this same manufacturer claimed that we are in
    violation, well the EPA was out at our facility for two hours and
    issued us a certificate of compliance. We make bold claims because we
    can back bold claims! We are the only company with a ten year
    manufacturers warranty and a third party warranty backed by national
    warranty company. We are also the only company with a million dollar
    Mold E&O insurance backed by Loyds of London. We acheieved these
    things becuase we back what we do. Should any of you have questions or
    commits or concerns, please call me personaly on my cell phone 763-438-
    7335 or at one of our 42 locations around the country 866-601-6653. I
    am more than happy to discuss the facts and assist you with any
    questions that you have!
    Robert Dahl
    >>> On 8/26/04, Bill wrote:
    >>>> On 8/03/04, v wrote:
    >>>>> On 8/02/04, Ljc wrote:
    >>>>>> I recently ran across a company called American Mold Guard.
    >>>> (Irvine, CA). They provide a ten year warranty against mold
    >>>> growth on the application of their anti-mold surface coating
    >>>> product which is applied during new construction on interior
    >>>> framing and walls. Has anyone heard of this company or
    >>>> product? Does it make any sense...?
    >>>>> It only makes sense if they have a lifetime warrenty. and
    >>>> are still around ten yrs. from now. good idea though, if you
    >>>> can pull it off. be leary, be weary.
    >>>> I am a builder, and have tested several products. The one I
    >>>> got the best test results with is called Forticel. The
    >>>> company who makes it is called Protective Coatings Group.
    >>>> Their web address is

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