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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Home Builder on 2/01/06

    Jesse - The site says that the product is not EPA approved at this time. Can
    you make product claims or legally apply a pesticide without both EPA and
    State registrations? I have been told that you cannot.

    Another thought - If you are caught applying a non-registered product on
    someone’s home or business what is your liability? Home owners sue for
    little or no provocation. Can you imagine your liability if you are caught
    applying a pesticide (poison) without EPA approvals? I hope your “buddies”
    have tremendous liability insurance. As a builder, I have enough to worry
    about without playing with fire.

    Just my 2 cents.

    >> Mold B Gone looks pretty good to me: I know a couple guys
    >> that have been using it, and they both seem to be quite happy with it.
    >> I've been thinking about giving them a try. They have a 25 year warranty
    >> and from what I've heard have some kind of dye in it so you can see whats
    >> been treated. Just my 2 cents.
    > BTW, the rep that I've been in contact with from mold b gone who has been
    > trying to get me to use their product is Evan, and I THINK his address is
    > I dont have my email address book open since i
    > always just hit the reply button, but I'm pretty sure thats the right addy.
    > I tried talking to another person when I called their 800 number but he was
    > kind of an ass, so I got in touch with this guy and have been dealing with

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