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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Dee Construction on 2/08/06

    Does anyone have a list of mold prevention and remediation products registered
    with the EPA? I've seen more then one product advertised here as EPA
    registered only to find out they don't have EPA approval to make the claims
    they've been making.

    On 2/01/06, Home Builder wrote:
    > Jesse - The site says that the product is not EPA approved at this time. Can
    > you make product claims or legally apply a pesticide without both EPA and
    > State registrations? I have been told that you cannot.
    > Another thought - If you are caught applying a non-registered product on
    > someone’s home or business what is your liability? Home owners sue for
    > little or no provocation. Can you imagine your liability if you are caught
    > applying a pesticide (poison) without EPA approvals? I hope your “buddies”
    > have tremendous liability insurance. As a builder, I have enough to worry
    > about without playing with fire.
    > Just my 2 cents.
    >>> Mold B Gone looks pretty good to me: I know a couple guys
    >>> that have been using it, and they both seem to be quite happy with it.
    >>> I've been thinking about giving them a try. They have a 25 year warranty
    >>> and from what I've heard have some kind of dye in it so you can see whats
    >>> been treated. Just my 2 cents.
    >> BTW, the rep that I've been in contact with from mold b gone who has been
    >> trying to get me to use their product is Evan, and I THINK his address is
    >> I dont have my email address book open since i
    >> always just hit the reply button, but I'm pretty sure thats the right addy.
    >> I tried talking to another person when I called their 800 number but he was
    >> kind of an ass, so I got in touch with this guy and have been dealing with
    > him.

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