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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by CS on 6/15/05

    What builders really need to do is build homes that can keep
    the water out, that have properly done plumbing and that
    have correct grading so water doesn't pool around the
    house. Then there won't be mold inside the walls etc. I
    see too many builders doing roofs wrong, and entirely
    omitting window flashing, now omitting house wrap also.
    Nearly every new house in my area has bad grading so there's
    a drainage problem on one side of the house. These new homes
    are made of mold-food (OSB, paper covered drywall board,
    certain types of insulation that rot when moist, and other
    wood and/or paper and partially wood/paper products made
    from things that may be moldy to begin with, like bark and
    other waste), and the new homes frequently leak. No spray
    or gimicky product will fix that problem but I bet a few
    companies will make a small fortune selling that stuff

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