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    Re: Mold Prevention non-toxic on new construction

    Posted by Delano on 8/15/05

    On 8/15/05, Preventer wrote:

    > A lot of companies, especially in Florida make wild claims that are lies. Please
    > stop being a victim and think!!! Are we all that nieve? Call the State or the EPA and
    > ask them! Stop believing salesman who are trying to sell you something!

    I already feel like a victim and I haven't even done business with you.

    Will anyone ever collect on your 25 year warranty?\Warranty25.html

    Getting a refund looks just as impossible:\refund.html

    What kind of a company makes a person agree to a page long refund contract on a $15 bottle
    of mold spray?

    Are we live at comedy central? This has got to be a joke.

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