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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Randy on 8/16/06

    On 8/16/06 Randy Wrote:
    I am sure you all agree that we builders do what we can
    within financial limits to build a mold resistant home. Mold
    spores are on all the lumber we use to build with and when a
    water intrustion occurs, that mold that has been dormant grows
    and goes crazy. By the way, that dormant mold is more toxic
    than active mold.

    I use American MoldGuard services on everything I build and
    believe it is the best due dillegence that I can do to provide
    a mold resistant wall and protect myself against liability in
    the process.

    On 3/23/06, Cindy wrote:
    > The REAL way to prevent mold is to construct homes and
    > repair work correctly. That means not taking shortcuts like
    > omitting window flashing or other materials that are time-
    > tested for the prevention of leaks. Many builders and
    > remodelers today do not know, or do not care, how to do it
    > right. They use unskilled labor, and there is little
    > supervision. Codes aren't routinely enforced, and "industry
    > standard" gets lower and lower, as more builders start
    > taking the same shortcuts.
    > Add to that, that many new homes and repair work today are
    > done with products that grow mold more easily, and the many
    > leaks in some new homes or room additions, etc, quickly lead
    > to a mold case. Oriented Strand Board and paper covered
    > drywall are probably two of the worst materials as far as
    > getting wet, though some types of insulation are really bad
    > also.
    > Don't waste your money and time on gimmicks. Get it built
    > right and your house won't have mold.
    > Good luck.
    > On 8/02/04, Ljc wrote:
    >> I recently ran across a company called American Mold
    > Guard.
    >> (Irvine, CA). They provide a ten year warranty against
    > mold
    >> growth on the application of their anti-mold surface
    >> coating product which is applied during new construction
    > on
    >> interior framing and walls. Has anyone heard of this
    >> company or product? Does it make any sense...?

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