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    Re: Mold Prevention non-toxic on new construction

    Posted by Mr. Builder on 8/20/05

    We build 150+ homes per year in the great State of Florida. We have been approached by
    dozens of companies offering to fix and prevent any mold problem. We still get
    approached by new companies every week. I do think this is an important issue and I do
    think that this industry is growing at an alarming rate.

    We need the EPA and the State to step in and start mandating some basic rules and
    regulations for this industry. We are considering several companies to do our
    treatments and will choose the one that checks out. We are investigated every claim and
    our attorney's are reviewing the contracts and warranties. We can not put our name
    behind any company without being confident that they will be here in 10+ years to stand
    behind their claims.

    I know that which ever company that we choose will have to meet minimum requirements:
    Must be EPA Registered
    Must have ability to service all of our locations
    Must offer legitimate warranty
    Must have appropriate insurance
    Must have a track record of proven success

    I will list what we find out.

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