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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Mike on 9/08/05

    On 11/23/04, Tom B. wrote:
    > American Mold Guard's product is registered with the EPA. The
    > company is using the same active ingredient with an added surface
    > durability feature. The company only purchases product from
    > manufactures that hold EPA registrations for the actual
    > claim/surface being treated.
    > On 10/20/04, Robert D wrote:
    >> I know of American Mold Guard and the Forticel product. I have
    >> been in the remediation business for 15 years and have used
    > every product on the market. Last week, the manufacturer of the
    >> Forticel product and one of their distributors was issued a
    > Cease
    >> and Desist order by the EPA for making illegal claims. Their
    >> products are not EPA Registered and can not kill or prevent the
    >> growth of mold on any surface accept for their paint film
    >> coating. You have to be careful and not believe everything that
    >> you read. American Mold Guard used to have a good product but
    >> they have changed manufacturer and are making their own product
    >> that is not EPA Registered.
    >> Do not buy or use any product that is not EPA Registered and be
    >> sure to require the EPA Reg. No. A lot of these people make
    >> claims that they can not prove. Require documentation or call
    >> the EPA to verify claims.
    >> For your own benefit, check out
    >> On 8/26/04, Bill wrote:
    >>> On 8/03/04, v wrote:
    >>>> On 8/02/04, Ljc wrote:
    >>>>> I recently ran across a company called American Mold Guard.
    >>> (Irvine, CA). They provide a ten year warranty against mold
    >>> growth on the application of their anti-mold surface coating
    >>> product which is applied during new construction on interior
    >>> framing and walls. Has anyone heard of this company or
    >>> product? Does it make any sense...?
    >>>> It only makes sense if they have a lifetime warrenty. and
    >>> are still around ten yrs. from now. good idea though, if you
    >>> can pull it off. be leary, be weary.
    >>> I am a builder, and have tested several products. The one I
    >>> got the best test results with is called Forticel. The
    >>> company who makes it is called Protective Coatings Group.
    >>> Their web address is
    I have been using the microshield protection for awhile now. We
    like it and its affordable. It takes the microshield guys about 2
    hrs per home for the complete 2 step process. Very proffessional
    group. I reccommend them to everyone interested in mold

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