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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings --Dr. Lipsey--MicroShield ES

    Posted by Jim T on 9/08/05

    On 10/21/04, John S. wrote:
    > Well to all of you that posted in regard to this aspect of
    > protection, these coatings are better to have than not to have.
    > There is a new company called Bio-Barrier, LLC that has a mold
    > coating that is applied during the building process that does
    > safely inhibit mold/fungi/algae growth. They also modify all
    > other environments against pathogenic microorganisms. It is a
    > great step in the right direction for sure! Also, to those who
    > think that these services and products are not worth
    > consideration are uneducated and close-minded. Yes prevention is
    > the idea; however, that is what these companies are offering-
    > added protection/prevention that is verifiable and affordable.
    > Keep in mind, that microbes are never going away. Going after the
    > source/cause of microbial growth etc, is necessary, but other
    > security measures couldn’t hurt. Check out
    > They are the future!
    > On 9/07/04, Dr. Richard Lipsey, toxicologist wrote:
    >> Greg: Thanks for your important comments on this chatboard.
    >> We need more people like you who have real world experience. I
    >> like what you did on those two homes in VA. recently (
    >> remediation ) for the Lewis and Roberts Lawfirm.
    >> Dr. Richard L. Lipsey
    >> Toxicologist and Instructor
    >> University of North Florida, OSHA Cert/HazMat
    >> Univ. of Florida Jax Poison Control Board
    >> ( 904 )
    >> _____________________________________________________________
    >> On 8/27/04, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    >>> People,
    >>> You are placing way too much trust into antifungal sealers,
    >>> paints and coatings. Pay more attention to correcting the
    >>> cause of the water or condensation intrusion. There is no
    >>> antifungal sealer, paint or coating that can win the fight
    >>> against mold and spore-forming bacteria if the source of
    >>> water or condensation intrusion is not corrected.
    >>> It is wreckless to use an antifungal sealer, paint or coating
    >>> on the seal plate and rim joist (band joist) of a home. These
    >>> structural wood members need to be able to dry to the indoors
    >>> and outdoors unless you live in the hot and humid Southeast
    >>> like Florida. In Florida, they have to be able to dry to the
    >>> indoors. There is a load of free information on:

    I couldnt agree more. Greg is right. Alot of these pretreat guys
    are out there sealing up the wood products in our homes. Bad
    move. Again, Bad Move. You need these materials to dry our over
    time. It really isnt as tricky as you may think if you use the
    right products. We treat our homes with Microshield ES. As stated
    before its a 2 step process. The fist uses a cleaning
    antimicrobial to kill and clean the structure and the second is an
    encapsulant the protects the structure. The key is that the
    encapsulant is permiable. Yes it will protec as it allows the wood
    to dry. Be careful guys. Check them out online. The have offices
    in many states and all over FL.

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