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    Re: MicroShield Environmental Services, LLC.

    Posted by Orlando Builder on 9/08/05

    On 8/16/05, Delano wrote:
    > Robert Dahl,
    > Today you told us that Microbe Guard has 68 locations. On 12/05/04 you
    > told us that Microbe Guard had 42 locations and that your firm was the
    > largest mold prevention contractor in the Country (see below).
    > These documents filed with the State of California suggest to me that
    > maybe you are not and have not been telling the truth:
    > Did the man mentioned in the above document ever get back the $50,000 he
    > paid your firm?
    > Another document also shows that you had to pay the State of Minnesota a
    > $4,000 fine and cease offering franchises for sale until you registered
    > them with the State:
    > How much did California fine you?
    > On 12/05/04, Robert Dahl wrote:
    >> My name is Robert Dahl, V.P. National Sales of microbe Guard Inc. This
    >> web site was given to me by one of our Manufacturers. Here are the
    >> facts and I challange anyone to prove different. This is a very fast
    >> growing industry that is attracting alot of get rich quick people who
    >> see the merit in mold prevention, but do not take the time to check
    > the
    >> facts for themselves. I have been in the construction industry since
    >> 1985 and have owned my own restoration company since 1992. I have used
    >> most products on the market and i have researched in DETAIL, ALL OF
    >> THEM! I was in the mold business before half of these johnie come
    >> latelies even heard of mold prevention. I know the players in the
    >> industry and their products. AND to set the record, I do not have
    >> anyhting against any of them. I do however have a huge problem with
    >> Companies who lie and sales people who lack the training and education
    >> about their own products. The facts speak for themselfs, Microbe Guard
    >> Inc is the largest mold prevention contractor in the Country!! We buy
    >> more, sell more and do more mold prevention work than anyone! Why?
    >> Because we only use the best products, the best equipment and mandate
    >> the best training for all of our applicators. We use only EPA
    >> Registered products because they are proven to be safe and effective
    >> and have proven that to the EPA. Only products that prove that they
    >> are safe and effective can achieve EPA registration. Please call the
    >> EPA yourself and verify. Most manufacturers out there use a paint or
    >> paint like substance that they add an EPA registered antimicrobial in
    >> the mixture. If EPA is no big dela, then why do all these
    >> manufacturers who are knocking EPA Registration so anxious to state
    >> that their product carries one or several EPA registered additives?
    >> Thesse same manufacturers are misleading about the claims of their
    >> product. ALL these manufacturers can only claim the the EPA Registered
    >> additive can only protect their paint coating only. Several of them
    >> dance around the issue, but the fact remains the same. These products
    >> do not protect the wood or structure of the home. Again don't believe
    >> me, call the EPA. I also know for fact that one of these manufacturers
    >> was issued a Cease and Desist order by a State for making false
    >> claims. I also know for fact that the same company is under federal
    >> investigation for making these claims all over the country. These are
    >> not rumors, there facts!! Call the EPA and ask about any legal
    >> investigations in the Mold Prevention industry. The EPA was at our
    >> office last week, because this same manufacturer claimed that we are
    > in
    >> violation, well the EPA was out at our facility for two hours and
    >> issued us a certificate of compliance. We make bold claims because we
    >> can back bold claims! We are the only company with a ten year
    >> manufacturers warranty and a third party warranty backed by national
    >> warranty company. We are also the only company with a million dollar
    >> Mold E&O insurance backed by Loyds of London. We acheieved these
    >> things becuase we back what we do. Should any of you have questions or
    >> commits or concerns, please call me personaly on my cell phone 763-438-
    >> 7335 or at one of our 42 locations around the country 866-601-6653. I
    >> am more than happy to discuss the facts and assist you with any
    >> questions that you have!
    >> Sincerely
    >> Robert Dahl

    MicroShield Environmental Services, LLC.

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