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    Re: MicroShield Mold Pretreatment

    Posted by Jerry H Atlanta GA on 9/08/05

    On 9/08/05, rw wrote:
    > I'm an advocate of MRC (Mold-Resistant Construction) MRC is a
    > system of construction using products that are specifically
    > designed to be mold resistant. Use these products,
    > already on the market, to provide a complete mold resistant
    > wall assembly. Products like GP DensArmor mold resistant
    > wall board, Nu-Wool mold resistant insulation, MoldBlock
    > Lumber treated with organic water based preservatives to
    > resist mold and StructGuard and mold resistant sheathing
    > produced by Temple Inland. These products can be
    > incorporated into your construction system with no
    > additional steps for the builder. Being proactive in the
    > fight against mold doesn't have to be expensive or
    > inconvienient. Just use building material designed to be
    > mold resistant; there is no need for additional sub-
    > contractors and your crews won't miss a beat using these
    > products.
    > On 9/08/05, Orlando Builder wrote:
    >> On 8/16/05, Delano wrote:
    >>> Robert Dahl,
    >>> Today you told us that Microbe Guard has 68 locations. On 12/05/04 you
    >>> told us that Microbe Guard had 42 locations and that your firm was the
    >>> largest mold prevention contractor in the Country (see below).
    >>> These documents filed with the State of California suggest to me that
    >>> maybe you are not and have not been telling the truth:
    >>> Did the man mentioned in the above document ever get back the $50,000 he
    >>> paid your firm?
    >>> Another document also shows that you had to pay the State of Minnesota a
    >>> $4,000 fine and cease offering franchises for sale until you registered
    >>> them with the State:
    >>> How much did California fine you?
    >>> On 12/05/04, Robert Dahl wrote:
    >>>> My name is Robert Dahl, V.P. National Sales of microbe Guard Inc. This
    >>>> web site was given to me by one of our Manufacturers. Here are the
    >>>> facts and I challange anyone to prove different. This is a very fast
    >>>> growing industry that is attracting alot of get rich quick people who
    >>>> see the merit in mold prevention, but do not take the time to check
    >>> the
    >>>> facts for themselves. I have been in the construction industry since
    >>>> 1985 and have owned my own restoration company since 1992. I have used
    >>>> most products on the market and i have researched in DETAIL, ALL OF
    >>>> THEM! I was in the mold business before half of these johnie come
    >>>> latelies even heard of mold prevention. I know the players in the
    >>>> industry and their products. AND to set the record, I do not have
    >>>> anyhting against any of them. I do however have a huge problem with
    >>>> Companies who lie and sales people who lack the training and education
    >>>> about their own products. The facts speak for themselfs, Microbe Guard
    >>>> Inc is the largest mold prevention contractor in the Country!! We buy
    >>>> more, sell more and do more mold prevention work than anyone! Why?
    >>>> Because we only use the best products, the best equipment and mandate
    >>>> the best training for all of our applicators. We use only EPA
    >>>> Registered products because they are proven to be safe and effective
    >>>> and have proven that to the EPA. Only products that prove that they
    >>>> are safe and effective can achieve EPA registration. Please call the
    >>>> EPA yourself and verify. Most manufacturers out there use a paint or
    >>>> paint like substance that they add an EPA registered antimicrobial in
    >>>> the mixture. If EPA is no big dela, then why do all these
    >>>> manufacturers who are knocking EPA Registration so anxious to state
    >>>> that their product carries one or several EPA registered additives?
    >>>> Thesse same manufacturers are misleading about the claims of their
    >>>> product. ALL these manufacturers can only claim the the EPA Registered
    >>>> additive can only protect their paint coating only. Several of them
    >>>> dance around the issue, but the fact remains the same. These products
    >>>> do not protect the wood or structure of the home. Again don't believe
    >>>> me, call the EPA. I also know for fact that one of these manufacturers
    >>>> was issued a Cease and Desist order by a State for making false
    >>>> claims. I also know for fact that the same company is under federal
    >>>> investigation for making these claims all over the country. These are
    >>>> not rumors, there facts!! Call the EPA and ask about any legal
    >>>> investigations in the Mold Prevention industry. The EPA was at our
    >>>> office last week, because this same manufacturer claimed that we are
    >>> in
    >>>> violation, well the EPA was out at our facility for two hours and
    >>>> issued us a certificate of compliance. We make bold claims because we
    >>>> can back bold claims! We are the only company with a ten year
    >>>> manufacturers warranty and a third party warranty backed by national
    >>>> warranty company. We are also the only company with a million dollar
    >>>> Mold E&O insurance backed by Loyds of London. We acheieved these
    >>>> things becuase we back what we do. Should any of you have questions or
    >>>> commits or concerns, please call me personaly on my cell phone 763-438-
    >>>> 7335 or at one of our 42 locations around the country 866-601-6653. I
    >>>> am more than happy to discuss the facts and assist you with any
    >>>> questions that you have!
    >>>> Sincerely
    >>>> Robert Dahl
    >> Spoken like a true fast talking salesman.
    >> I agree with Delano.
    >> You guys (microbeguard) seem to be more interested in selling an illegal
    >> franchises and touting your growth than protecting homebuilders and
    >> homebuyers.
    >> I have no doubt that you guys are big.
    >> I also have no doubt that you guys dont do much work actually treating
    >> homes.
    >> If you want solid protection try the MicroShield Mold Prevention Program
    >> its the only thing out there that really works in the best interest of
    >> homebuilders and homeowners.

    Rw has got it.

    Its all in how we build and what we build with.

    Sure we use MicroShield and love their mold prevention program but we dont stop

    We have a very successful quality control team and use mold resistant

    Builders need to become more proactive with their mold prevention programs and
    contact the professionals like Microshield Environmental Services for guidance
    and assistance.

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